There are no two opinions present for this fact that the iOS games are achieving great popularity all around the globe. Game lovers all around the world are being attracted and the fan club of iOS games is increasing rapidly. With each passing day many games are introduced which can be played on APPLE DEVICES which include iPhones and iPads. Because of many unique and entertaining features these games are very much capable of gripping the user`s attention. In this section you will find quality and interesting information if you are an iOS game lover. Here you will get information regarding 5 Perfect Summer iOS Games for Your Kids.Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

  • Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

The character of Sonic has always captured the attraction of kids and this particular game revolves around him. In this game you can play with not only Sonic, but with some of his friends in addition other characters are also available which are introduced by Sega like the characters of House of the dead and many more. Basically this is a racing game where kids can select funny characters and cars to enjoy playing with achieving skills.

  • Draw Race 2

This is also a racing game, but with many enhanced features and entertaining factors included in it. You don’t need to tire your eyes like you have to do in every traditional racing game because the graphics are excellent. Your kids can learn some valuable skills of video game racings through the Draw Race 2. The players can manually set the burning drift of the tires on the road. The race track is of small size, but this makes the game more exciting as many challenges are required to face for completion.

  • Infinity Blade II

You all must be aware of the Infinity Blade which was very much appreciated by the video game lovers around the globe. Infinity Blade II is its sequel and was first introduced when the iPhone 4S was premiered. This to like its predecessor has also received positive reviews. It utilizes the Un Real Graphics Engine which is widely liked by the fans. This game will take you into the world where clash of titans takes place and there you can fight with your rivals with skills which require sword fighting experiences. Adventurous gamers will surly fall for this one kids will love this one for sure.

  • Shadow gun

If you are a fan of shooting games than this one is made for you, along with this particular game many others of same nature were released, but this one was liked on a larger scale. The setting of this game has been done by considering the future. This game also utilizes Un Real Graphics Engine.

  • Dead Space

This game takes the player on a setting where you are entangled in a space station which is about deadly nature and to survive you have just got very simple weapons. Players will surely enjoy this game as it will make them thrilled as they will fight with Aliens.

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