By now you must be frustrated deleting all those bogus spam registrations in your admin console. You know the ones, they register with long names that make no rhyme or reason and use emails that not even Einstein could remember. I manage a couple of VBulletin forums and lately the spam registrations have increased substantially.

There’s an option under VBulletin Options/User Registration Options in the Admin Console to Moderate New Members, but that’s just too much work. You would have to first delete the email notifications and then delete the user account from your VBulletin.

The easiest and most effective way to stop bogus registrations is to use the Human Verification (pictured below) found under VBulletin Options. I use the question and answer option and never use any type of math equation or an answer that’s too obvious.

Here’s one of the best ways to use the Human Verification in VBulletin;

  1. Select Question and Answer Verification
  2. Do not use math such as 5×5 = 25
  3. Use questions that require more thought and action to block bots from registering
  4. Example: Please type the word m o n d a y without spaces in the box below
  5. You can use any word you wish, but be creative
  6. Leave the Regular Expression blank so case sensitive is not required

How to Stop Spam Registrations on VBulletin Forums

I receive about 20-30 bogus registrations daily and when I implemented the method above; I have not had one spam registration in the last week or so.

I am using VBulletin 3.8.x and this option should work in all later versions.

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