Rock Band 2 is due out this September for the Xbox 360 (later in the year for PS3 and PS2), isn’t being considered a sequel as many are thinking, but more of a beefed-up version of Rock Band with everything fans have been asking for: tons of new songs, features, instruments, and most importantly, full compatibility with all the DLC released to date.

To start, there’s the song list. The past few weeks have been filled with leaks and rumors about which songs might make the cut, but as of press time, here are the ten songs that have been officially announced (most of which we had a chance to play at a recent EA press event):

Cheap Trick — “Hello There”
Dream Theater — “Panic Attack”
Elvis Costello — “Pump it Up”
Foo Fighters — “Evermore”
Journey — “Any Way You Want It”
Motorhead — “Ace of Spades”
The Muffs — “Kids in America”
Red Hot Chili Peppers — “Give It Away”
System of a Down — “Chop Suey”
The Who — “Pinball Wizard”

According to Harmonix, this barely scratches the surface of Rock Band 2’s song list, which has reportedly gone over 80 songs and could still grow. All the songs we got to play were master tracks, which will be the case for everything on the Rock Band 2 disc.

Here’s our wish list of bands we would love to see on the play list:

Led Zeppelin
Joe Satriani
Black Sabbath

What bands and songs would you like to see?