Most of the users are widely used Microsoft Outlook as their email application for their Business purpose. But all of sudden many users have received an error when Inbox repair tool fails to repair PST file. As we know ScanPST is a free utility in MS Outlook application. Well, consider a scenario in which we have discussed various error faced by users while sending and receiving email through any other email client:

“I am dealing with Outlook application and I have tried to scan my Outlook PST file. Suddenly, I have received 2 errors showing like this ‘Internal errors found in the file. Repair Outlook PST file to work correctly’.Kindly suggest how to resolve this error?”

Reason Behind This Scanpst Error Message

Due to the availability of various causes that can easily bring out such problem after checking the Outlook PST file using Inbox Repair Tool. The primary challenge is that this software starts scanning MS SharePoint Team Services folder that may be synchronized with the default Outlook PST file. However, Inbox Repair Tool is planned to verify all standard Outlook folders, which includes the deleted folders. By default, MS SharePoint Team Services PST file cannot have deleted files or folders. Therefore, when this tool is working, it becomes fails to find the target folder and finally, it has failed.

Although, the scanned Outlook .pst file has been corrupted. Moreover, the level of corruption is basically beyond the capacity of Outlook Inbox Repair tool.

Solutions to Repair Corrupted PST file using Scanpst.exe

MS Outlook provides a user an inbuilt utility name as Inbox Repair Tool or scanpst.exe to restore corrupted or damaged Outlook data file. First, it can scan the PST and then repair it. It is the free utility that can easily be used by most of the users to remove an only low level of corruptions from PST files. There are several situations such as when it comes to repair damaged PST files, scanpst.exe does not work properly. In the following section, we will discuss various solutions those are discussed:

I. MS Outlook Still Opening PST File

In case, if users are capable of opening the PST data file in Outlook, then, the best solution is that to create new PST file and move the files from the previous file to the latest one. Let us discuss the following points those are covered below:

Note: Make sure, must have a copy of your Outlook PST file that you want to proceed first.

Method 1: If the affected Outlook files have been linked to Outlook yet, you are enabling to open it by performing the below instructions:

  • First, open MS Outlook and Select File option
  • Now, Click Open and then, choose Outlook Data File

Now, Outlook still opening the PST files then, create a new Outlook data item. Follow various steps:

MS Outlook 2007 and Previous Version

  • First, open Microsoft Outlook and click File option
  • Now, Click New and choose Outlook Data File

MS Outlook 2010 Version

    • Launch Outlook application, from Home tab, select New Items and then, click on More Items.
    • Next, click on Outlook Data Files.

  • After this, copy the folder from the affected PST file into the newly created .pst data file.

Once the file has been copied, you must set the fresh created PST file by default.

MS Outlook 2003 Version

  • First, open MS Outlook and choose Tools option.
  • Now, click on Email accounts and then, click on Next from the drop down list Deliver new email to the following path.
  • After that, select new Outlook PST file and click on Finish. Finally, restart the Outlook again.

MS Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016 version

  • Start MS Outlook, click File tab and select info.
  • Now, click on Account Settings, from the new Window select the data file and then, select new Outlook data file.
  • After that, choose Set as default option and press on Close button.
  • Finally, restart the MS Outlook.

MS Outlook 2007 Version

  • Open MS Outlook and click File option.
  • Now, click on Data File Management option and then, select new Outlook data file.
  • After that, choose Set as default option and press on the Close button.
  • Finally, restart the MS Outlook.

After restart the Outlook application, then, detach the PST data file from Outlook by clicking on the desired folder and select the Close folder name option.

Method 2: This following solution is suggested for making a backup of the data files:

    • In the beginning, create a new Outlook PST files by click on New Items option and select More Items and then, choose Outlook Data File. Under the new window, name this particular file and press OK button to view both old and new PST data in the navigation panel.
    • In order, to copy (Ctrl+C) all the folders to the respective new file, you need to display all the folders by clicking Ctrl+6 shortcuts key.
    • After that, right-click a folder of new PST data files and chooses the Copy Folder.

    • From the new dialog box, decide which selected the folder you want to copy to the particular folder. Click OK button.

    • Now, repeat step 3 & step 4 to copy all the folders to the new Outlook PST file.
    • By default, set the new PST file. Select the File option and choose Account Settings. Under the Window of Account Settings, choose the new file and press Set as default option.

  • In final, you can select the old file and click on Remove button to close that file. Click OK button to back to MS Outlook.

II. Microsoft Outlook Cannot Open the PST File

Moreover, in any case, users unable to open the Outlook PST file completely, then, they can utilize their previous backup to restore the data. You can select the File >> Open >> Open Outlook Data File to open the backup data. If there is no backup, then, users can go for an alternate solution i.e. Outlook Recovery Tool.

Advanced Solution to Repair Damaged PST File

In order to delete all type of corruption from PST file, one can utilize a trusted third party PST file repair tool which recover all Outlook data items such as emails, calendars, notes, journal, etc., in PST file. A user can use this tool to remove both minor and major level of corruption from Outlook files. The software is designed in such a way that it recovers PST file even without MS Outlook installation on the local machine.


How to resolve “Internal errors found in the PST file.” error in Outlook is one of the most popular searches regarding PST file error. After understanding the cause of such type error in PST file, an inbuilt scanpst.exe utility of Outlook is recommended to resolve such type of error. As scanpst.exe has some limitations, therefore, to repair Outlook PST file with any type of corruption, a user can go for an alternate solution i.e. Outlook Recovery. It is the most reliable method to resolve all type of errors from PST file.