My wife upgraded her laptop to Win 10 from 8.1 and after two days of playing with the new operating system I posed the question; How do you like it honey? She replied, “not sure yet, still learning to navigate the new features.”windows10

Have you upgraded your operating system to Microsoft’s brand new Windows 10? We would like to hear you feedback on Win10.

At first glance, it looked just like Win 8.1. We recently purchased the HP Beats SE 15.6” Touch-screen Quad-Core A8, 8GB, 1TB HD, DVD, Win 8.1 Laptop. After navigating through the various screens I felt lost at times, but like anything new, it takes time to get the feel. The performance seemed spot on compared to Win 8.1 so no noticeable loss of performance with the new OS.

Many new features are for the Touch which may leave many users scratching their heads on why they upgraded in the first place if they do not have the Touchscreen capabilities.  The one new feature I like is Cortana, it’s Microsoft’s Siri-like voice-controlled virtual assistant. Windows 10 lets users transition from “tablet” to “PC” mode where you can use the on-screen keyboard or if you prefer, you can opt for the old-fashioned keyboard and mouse navigation, Windows 10 allows users to go back to the conventional keyboard and mouse. My wife loves the touchscreen features and the on-screen keyboard.

So far, I think Microsoft is firing on all cylinders compared to previous OS versions that really stumbled out of the gate. Hopefully they keep Win 10 lean and mean. What do you like about Windows 10?

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