With each new version of Windows, new and innovative features are improving the total user experience in different ways. The latest version of Windows, Windows 10, is quickly growing in popularity due in part to its innovative security features. Data security has become an increasing concern with Windows products. Windows products are among the most used in the world, and because of the popularity of Windows products, these are often targeted by hacker attacks, viruses and other types of cyber threats. Windows 10 has many new security options that are designed to minimize the likelihood that you will be the victim of a cyber attack, and among these security options are new sign-in options.

The New Sign-In Options
Before Windows 10 was released, users had the choice of logging in through a local account or a Microsoft account. This created some confusion because some people thought that the Microsoft account login option was the local option despite the fact that a real local login option was available. The local login lacked the function and utility of a Microsoft account. Microsoft provided these two login options in an effort to simplify the user experience, but the unfortunate result was that the process was less secure. This is because using a Microsoft login made it possible for a hacker to access the individual’s email, any data stored in the cloud and the user’s entire computer without needing physical possession of the machine. On the other hand, using a local account login made it easier for hackers to access the computer remotely. In the event the local login and Microsoft account login matched, the hacker may have even greater access to data. The new Windows 10 version has more security options available, and this includes the traditional password option as well as new options such as a PIN, a picture password and a Windows Hello option. These options are designed to improve security issues that were present with Windows 8.


The New PIN Sign-In Option
If you are interested in taking advantage of the more secure PIN sign-in option available through Windows 10, you can easily do so by following a few steps. You simply go into the Settings options. Under the Accounts and Sign-In options, you can select the PIN function. You simply click “Add” to be taken to the screen to enter your new PIN login. After you have entered your PIN, you can click “Finish” to finalize the process. When you log in to your system going forward, you will simply enter your PIN just as you would with your Windows Phone or any other phone PIN system.

Why a PIN is a Better Option
It is important to note that a PIN is often viewed as a superior security measure in comparison to a password. If a password is compromised in some way, the person who has entered the system may have access to all platforms that are linked to that password. On the other hand, if a PIN is compromised, that individual generally only has access to the computer and perhaps a single drive. In addition, the individual must be physically present in order to enter the PIN, and this is not the same with a password. Also, keep in mind that PIN login feature is necessary if you are to take advantage of additional security features available through Windows 10. For example, Hello Windows is another security option available to those with biometric features on their machine, such as an iris reader or a fingerprint scanner. You must use a PIN to take advantage of these features.

It may seem as though a PIN would be less secure in comparison to a password because it is shorter and there are fewer combinations available than with passwords. However, because of how PINs are used with the new Windows 10 system and with Microsoft accounts, this is actually a preferred and safer option than passwords. With so much information now being stored on the cloud, it is important that users take all steps necessary to keep their data safe and secure. Using a PIN with the Windows 10 system is currently one of the safer options available.

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