If you are looking for the solution to move Exchange mailbox database to new server. Then you are the right place. The main aim of this post is to let users know how to move Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013 Mailbox Database to New Server in an efficient way.

The crises in Exchange Server depend upon its environment & architecture. If a user encounters any error while working on Exchange Server, it may results corruption in the Exchange database. This results in the need to move Exchange Mailbox from one Exchange Server to another.

However, recovery of corrupt Exchange Database always dependent on multiple factors. In some situations, it can be resolved manually. One such situation is how to restore a Mailbox Database to a New Server to without any loss of data. It can be resolved using 3 manual methods that we are going to discuss.

3 Manual Methods to Move Exchange Mailbox Database to New Server

Method 1: Move Exchange 2007, 2010 Mailbox Database to Another Server

  • First of all, you need to rebuild the Exchange Server. And, make sure that the file naming convention is same as the Exchange stores or Computer name
  • After that, copy all data along with logs stored in the Exchange Stores. Make sure that, folder structure is maintained
  • Then, you need to use Isinteg & Eseutil by following the commands below to fix the issue and restore the mailbox database:
    • Click on Start button and then, on Run
    • Now, write cmd in the run box and click on OK to continue
    • After that, go to C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin location
    • Then, write Eseutil.exe in a command line, which has two recovery modes:

Eseutil /r: for soft recovery of Exchange Database

Eseutil /p: for recovery of corrupted Exchange Database

Method 2: Rename Everything Same as Backup Server

Method 3: Use Database Portability

Another possible manual method to restore Exchange mailbox to some other server is with the help of Database Portability feature. Thus, directly to how it is used, first understand about Database Portability.

Database Portability: It is the feature in Microsoft Exchange Server that helps in mounting a mailbox database from one server to any target Server easily within the same Exchange organization. It helps in decreasing the approximate time of overall recovery.

Before You Begin, make sure that:

  • The account is assigned to the local Administrators group and to the Exchange Server Administrator role for the targeted server.
  • A user must have permissions before starting the procedure.
  • A user is not using EAC to transfer user mailbox to a recovered database.

Method 3: Use Database Portability

1. Check Exchange Mailbox Database to make sure that it is in a Clean Shutdown state. If it is not, do a soft recovery. To do this, open command prompt & execute the command ESEUTIL /R

2. After that, create a database on the Exchange Server by following the syntax:

New-MailboxDatabase -Name -Server -EdbFilePath -LogFolderPath

3. Then, to set the ‘This database can be overwritten by restore attribute’, you need to run the following Exchange Management Shell command:

Set-MailboxDatabase -AllowFileRestore:$true

4. Next, move the database files like Exchange Search catalog, .edb files, & log files to the particular database folder

5. As the moving process completed successfully, you need to mount the database. To do the same, use the EMS command:


6. After that, change the account settings by using Move-Mailbox –ConfigurationOnly command. To use this command, execute the following Exchange Management Shell command:

Get-Mailbox -Database |where {$_.ObjectClass -NotMatch ‘(SystemAttendantMailbox|ExOleDbSystemMailbox)’}| Move-Mailbox -ConfigurationOnly -TargetDatabase

7. In last, to complete the delivery of all pending message in the queue, run the following command:

Get-Queue | Retry-Queue -Resubmit $true.

As the Active Directory replication service completed successfully, a user can open the old Mailbox Database on the New Exchange Server very easily.

A Simple Solution to Move Exchange Mailbox to New Server

Manual migration of Exchange Mailbox from the old server to new server is very tedious and unreliable task to perform. Moreover, if it gets interrupted in between the Exchange database becomes corrupted & inaccessible. Therefore, to overcome all limitations of this lengthy procedure switch to a professional solution. SysTools Exchange Recovery is one such utility that repairs & restore Exchange Mailbox database to the new server without any hassle. The tool is capable enough to recover deleted and corrupted files from Exchange Database. With the use this advance tool, a user can export Exchange EDB to PST format and access it in MS Outlook very easily. Moreover, it supports all versions of MS Exchange Server.

The Bottom Line

Move Exchange Mailbox Database to a New Server is the common queries asked by the users with the old server. However, it is not at all an easy task to perform. Therefore, to resolve this issue, both manual and third-party solutions are discussed. They help in moving data effortlessly from the old Server to the New Server. Though manual methods are quite complex and time-consuming to perform, so prone to errors as well. Thus, a third-party tool is the best-suited solution for this issue. It recovers & moves the Exchange Mailbox database to a new server in an easy, secure and reliable way.