The digital signage is the most recent invention of modern technology which has managed to provide the world of business a new dimension regarding marketing. With the help of this unique facility you can increase the number of your clients, save the printing costs, incorporate a level of energy to your business and last but not least you can increase the profit. The psychologists believe that the frequent visual advertisements leave a profound impact on our memory. It works even better if the ads are visually appealing or eye-catching. Thus we would suggest that the concept of digital signage will be beneficial for the people dealing with restaurants or take away, car dealers, relaxation or leisure centers, pharmacy, retail or hotels.

Ideas on digital signage

In this article, we shall give you some interesting ideas on the digital signage. Let’s take the restaurant business as an example to illustrate the concept quickly. If you are a restaurant owner, then you can get several benefits after using the digital signage to promote your business. Here are some of the advantages you can experience as a restaurant owner with the idea of digital signage.

Eye-catching pictures of food

We all know that the food looks more delicious if displayed on the big screen. There is saying- ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and this proverb goes well with the idea of promoting the restaurant business through digital signage. If you portray the food in the most appealing way possible by using proper editing tools, then it will draw the customer’s attention as they can see visually what they want to eat. Showing the pictures or the videos of foods will create a mental appetite in the mind of the client, and they will surely have the craving to have the food.

Clear visibility

The survey has proved that the digital boards are more eye catching and visible than the static display boards apparently for their ability in drawing the customer’s attention. As compared to the traditional menu boards the digital boards are more advantageous regarding visibility, clarity, editing options and other unique features. The customers can notice the items displayed even in low light. Another notable feature of this unique technology is its ability to flash some parts, refreshing the menus and you can change the pictures quickly. The inclusion of the electronic signs on the screen will help in drawing the customer’s attention to a particular menu.

Improved ambiance

We have often seen that the people often have difficulties in selecting the right place for their restaurant start-up. This is very natural for the owners to put their restaurants in a location where everything is accessible. Owning a restaurant is not enough since you have to convey the customers what you sell. The LED sign boards are the best option for the stores to highlight their products most brightly to draw to reach the customers. You must know that these facilities come at a little cost.

Day parting

Day parting in the digital board is the process in which the restaurant displays different food items for various times of the day- breakfast menu, lunch menu and dinner menu. It also enables the customers to view the special menus or the menu of the week as well. The problem with the static boards in restaurants is that the employees have to write or put up different menus for different times of the day by themselves which is quite time-consuming and there isn’t enough space to display the image of the items. However, one can easily accommodate all the above more vibrantly time to time in the digital boards. Restaurant menu board is now gaining high popularity nowadays.

Daily promotion

The digital menu board will also help you in making changes quickly without spending any extra money on it. Being a manager if you want to highlight certain offers or the special menus then you can quickly add them or highlight them without even making changes to the entire playlist. It will help your customers to know the changes immediately. The instant editing option is also available on the digital boards.

Reduce extra employment

The electronic signboards have the facility to speed up the ordering process, and this will help you in reducing the employees overhead. The managing system of these digital boards is easy and one man task, you do not have to hire any extra employee to update the menu. The POS system will help you in managing the cash registers depending on the traffic. This will reduce the cost you spend on numerous employees.

Reduce the order time

If the picture of the food is not displayed with the menu on the boards, then the customers take much time in discussing the content of the food with the employees who make the entire process of ordering time-consuming. Thus you require a digital board where you can provide necessary information about the food along with the pictures and the price to avoid any confusion or doubt among the customers.

Updates are available

Updating your menu is never easier than using the digital signage software. You can quickly update the name, the content, the price of the picture any time you want. You do not have to recreate the entire menu for certain changes. The moment you update the changes the server connects it to the playlist, and there you go. Your new menu is ready within few minutes.

Start up cost is low

The LED screens are quite affordable these days. You can easily purchase them to showcase your food items with high-resolution pictures and 4K videos.

Run offline

The fantastic feature of the digital signage software will enable the media player to run smoothly in offline as well.


Now we must look into the other side of the coin. Before you go for the digital signage, you need to know the pitfalls as well. Before investing your money in this, you need to understand whether it suits your business motives or not clearly. You need to be skilled enough to make it work for you smoothly. The installers can charge you money at the time you introduce the system to the business. These are some of the crucial things you must consider, but overall one must say that the digital signage software is worth praising.

Author bio: Karen Anthony is a business tech analyst. She has been working on the digitization of businesses, use of LED sign boards, including TV menu board & Restaurant menu board in restaurants and the rise of out of home advertising for the last 5 years.