This is exactly what the doctor ordered. Carol Bartz is a strong person that has the know how to take Yahoo to the next level. Bartz is straight shooter leaving no guess work on what she wants. Her reputation as a tech veteran is a cut above many leaders in the tech sector.


Carol Bartz was appointed to the top job at Yahoo on Tuesday after a two-month search, and brings with her a strong track record of revenue growth at software company Autodesk Inc (ADSK.O), where she was chief executive from 1992 to 2006 and still remains executive chairman.

She is credited with increasing Autodesk’s revenue from $285 million (£195.5 million) to $1.5 billion during her 14-year tenure, as well as diversifying its business. Bartz, 60, built the company by buying small and medium-sized businesses, including a $444 million buyout of Discreet Logic in 1999.

Analysts also wondered whether Bartz’s lack of media industry experience would be a stumbling block when it comes to transforming Yahoo. Bartz will overcome and adapt based on her management style and the help from within. She has a great track record that proves this lady can play with the men no matter what the situation. You can analyze all you want, just look at her resume and accomplishments, need we say anymore?

“I didn’t know CAD (computer-aided design) when I joined Autodesk, I didn’t know hardware when I joined Sun,” she said. “I am a technology person, I am a market-driven person, I love customers. So I suspect I have a little brainpower to learn what it takes to understand media.”

Carol show them what you are made of!