In a crowded marketplace full of older and more established competitors, a small business has to be able to turn on a dime to be faster and better in order to have a hope of survival. In many cases, this means small businesses must be on the bleeding edge of technology, becoming early adopters of new ideas before the big guys have a chance to use it to their advantage. Cloud computing is just the latest example of new technology that can give small businesses the edge they need to succeed. However, although cloud computing has been shown to help small businesses increase their profits nearly twofold, not every small business has taken advantage of the benefits cloud computing has to offer. For those small businesses that haven’t taken the plunge yet, that has to change.

The advantages of adopting cloud computing for small businesses’ IT operations are numerous. Perhaps the most obvious advantage is that it eliminates the need for those small businesses to spend money on expensive server hardware. Since small businesses would no longer have to depend on on-site equipment and employ IT professionals to manage them in-house, small companies can devote more of their precious resources to other areas that will better serve their customers and help them grow.

Cloud computing also provides a significant advantage when it comes to software updates and security. By keeping all of their IT infrastructure housed in the cloud, small businesses don’t have to worry about staying up to date with their software updates and security upgrades. The majority of cloud providers handle software and security updates automatically, removing that burden for small businesses and giving them time to focus on what they do best.

Small businesses need every advantage they can get, and cloud computing is one of the biggest advantages they can have in today’s environment. The following slideshow explains just how cloud computing can benefit small businesses today. Review it, and you might be able to give your small business the edge it needs to compete with the big guys.

Check out this slideshow presentation from Maryland Computer Service for more information, here.

Author Bio: Steve Johnson is President of Maryland Computer Service, and has been helping businesses harness the power of technology for nearly 20 years. His experiences during that time make him uniquely qualified to guide small and medium businesses through the technologies of today into the future.