The scum of the earth just keeps getting worse and the scum I am talking about are the scammers. I received several emails about jobs in my area, but the emails are for jobs in Las Vegas. I lived in Vegas four years ago so I guess the spammer must have pulled old data from a 3rd party who uses email harvest programs.

The email below takes you to a malicious web site ( with the intent to steal personal information from users and doesn’t provide any real job listings. The scammers sell this information to 3rd party marketers to be used for other scams and online criminal activity. The URL is currently blocked on the corporate level, but if you receive an email like the one below, move it to your spam folder or delete it.

Finding Jobs Can Lead to Malicious Web Sites

The email states that there are over 11,000 jobs in Las Vegas which is far from the truth. Las Vegas was hit hard during the economy downturn and has one of the highest unemployment rates (13.8%) in the country. According to the latest unemployment data, 162,900 Nevadans were jobless in June.