Brute Force Password AttacksHackers, and I’m not talking about the ethical kind, have developed many password hack tools that can easily get at your personal data. And the main impediment standing between your information remaining safe, or leaking out, is the password you choose.

One of the simplest ways to gain access to your information is through the use of a Brute Force Attack. This is accomplished when a hacker uses a specially written software to attempt to log into a site using your credentials. This has been an ongoing problem with WordPress blogs, regardless of what version you have. There’s a WordPress plug-in called Login LockDown which prevents brute force password discovery.

Making your password at least 8 characters long will actually defer most hackers. It’s recommended that you use a combination of numbers, uppercase characters and at least one special character.

You should never use a password such as;

  • Your partner, child, or pet’s name
  • The last 4 digits of your social security number
  • 123 or 1234 or 123456
  • qwerty
  • “password”

These are just a few passwords you should never use. It’s important not to use any password that can be easily guessed. This should be common sense.

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