The social network giant continues to be targeted by cyber criminals and there’s no evidence on how Facebook will defend against such attacks. One of my biggest concerns is the amount of scams that are displayed via ads on Facebook. When will Facebook start moderating who advertises on their network?Facebook Vulnerabilities

Facebook needs to protect its user base by moderating the entire network for phishing scams, exploits and other criminal activity. If Facebook doesn’t care about the same people who made this company what it is today, than eventually users will leave the social parasite.

There’s one solution that could make a difference and that’s to stop 3rd party apps from infiltrating the entire network. Instead of letting any publisher promote apps, Facebook should implement a process that in order to become a publisher of an app, a person must confirm their identity by providing their full name, physical address, banking information and phone number. Facebook confirms the person’s identity by sending a post card with a pin code to the publishers mailing address. Once the publisher receives the post card, they can enter their pin code on a secured publisher’s page on Facebook.

I can come up with a few solutions, but the sharing of apps is the biggest issue when it comes to security threats.

Most people feel safe because they only allow friends to share, view and post to their wall. That’s the biggest misconception; it’s your friends who are more than likely sharing links and apps that are not safe. In the past 4 weeks, two friends of mine shared links with me that went to malicious web sites. Do you remember the Facebook Stalker App? Who shared that with you? Your friends did.

We all need to be smarter than the average bear when it comes to clicking on links, allowing apps or clicking on ads on Facebook.

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