There’s a chat message going around about getting 500 Facebook credits free. If you receive such a message like the image below, don’t click on the link. The message is not being sent from your friend, it’s from a program that has permission to send messages from your friends account. This scam can easily fool people, because it looks like a friend is sharing something with you.

If a user clicks on the link in the chat box, they will go to a web site that is rated dangerous and can possibly infect your computer with viruses, Trojans and or Malware.

I received this message about 30 minutes ago and confirmed with my friend that they didn’t send it.Facebook 500 Credits Scam

It’s a good thing I have my WOT (Web of Trust) add-on installed. The WOT add-on proactively provides ratings for links shared on Facebook. If a link is rated as dangerous, it will show a red circle as indicated in the image to the right. If you don’t have the WOT add-on, I recommend you download it for Firefox and or IE.

You should also advise your friend about the message that’s being sent from their account without their knowledge or consent. I am sure Facebook will quarantine this scam soon. In the meantime, please share this information with your friends and family so they don’t get scammed.

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