The oil companies are all smiles these days and for good reason, gas prices keep rising. There are some economists that say that the world has enough oil for the next 40 years without digging one drop, so why do gas prices continue north? Even the Ministers of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) expressed concern over high oil prices in world oil markets, but reiterated their claim there is no shortage of crude supplies. The biggest reason for the rise in gas prices or at least the one the government and big oil companies want us all to believe is due to the current conflicts with oil rich nations. So whose fault is that? Who said we need to fight every battle?

We can’t change the minds of the big oil companies or any government for that matter, so why not take control of what you spend for a gallon of gas by utilizing information available to you for free. Yes free! I am talking about a combination of community, people like you and me and the web.

How do we go about saving pennies on our next fill up?

There are a few cool sites that provide the latest updates on current gas prices in your area and this information can also be accessed via a Smartphone by downloading an app.

GasBuddy helps you to find the cheapest gas prices in the USA and Canada for free. Just type in your zip code and GasBuddy will show you who selling gas the cheapest. They provide prices for all grades of gas. By using this service I just found a gas station that sells gas 10 cents cheaper than its competitor.

Cheap Gas Prices

MapQuest provides more than just getting you from point A to point B, the site also can locate the current gas prices in your area. Just type in your address and mouse over the balloon to locate where the cheapest gas is sold.

GasPriceWatch is another service to locate cheap gas prices in your area. Just type in your zip and locate the gas station that provides the cheapest gas.

Gas Price Apps for your Smartphone

GasBuddy App for iPhone, Android and Windows

Fuel Finder for iPhone

If you know other sites and or applications that you use, please share them by commenting.