The world cannot be called a safe place to be in right now. The crime rate around the globe has increased from 7.2% to 7.9% in just a year, and there has not been more urgency than this to make our homes safe places to live in. This is where Smart Home devices come in, putting the lead in your hand. Home automation isn’t just about making life easy. It goes beyond controlling window shades and sprinklers. Smart home devices also include advanced surveillance cameras that can control the locks and security in your home. It can thwart possible threats of fires and breaches too, thus ensuring your lives.

But there is an influx of these devices in the market. So how do you choose all the right devices? I have come up with a complete list of the eight best smart home devices that you need to invest in right now.


  1. LG Smart Security Solution 

Powered by ADT Home Security, the LG Smart is your one-stop solution if you are searching for the ultimate solution to keep an eye of what is happening in your house. The device comes with a camera and a motion tracker that arrests vibrations even when it is beyond the ambit of the camera lens. There is an in-built microphone with a speaker too.

You will need a few minutes to set up the camera. Just download its app (available in both iOS and Android version) and login to monitor what is happening around at your place right from on your phone. However, you may have to spend some extra bucks to subscribe to ADT if you want to store and retrieve videos.

Buy it from Amazon for $199.

  • Withings Home Baby Bundle

None of us is a stranger to the perils that the online sphere comes with for our little ones, right? Leaving home for office and constantly worrying what your tot is watching on TV – let that thought take a back seat. With Withings, you get video surveillance for your kid 24 hours a day. So basically, the remote controller stays with you.

And it just doesn’t control TV or internet usages. The device has some neat tricks up its sleeve too. It can turn on the nightlight when its bedtime and play a lullaby to put your tot to sleep. Also, the motion sensor sends you noise alerts when they’re not sleeping soundly. The device also comes with a talk button on the app to soothe your kid with your voice when you are not around.

Buy it on Amazon for $199. 

  • Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

A few days back, in California, Emily Jones had to get back home from office when her neighbours alerted her about a break-in. A mother of two, a daughter of 7 and a son of 3, Emily scurried back only to find a drunken stranger passed out on their couch with her kids cringing beside the door, all tears. If you don’t want that to be in the same situation, Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock should be your go-to solution.

The best thing about Kwikset is that it offers 3 options to get into the house: the cell phone app, a key fob, and a standard key. You can send people (say, a friend, a relative or a babysitter) an eKey and grant them limited access over a period.

Buy it on Amazon for $229. 

  • Skybell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Well, it is never enough to keep an eye on what is happening in your house when you know the evildoer is lurking somewhere right near your house – behind a bush, or a dead-end alley. So what do you do? Simple! You install the Skybell Video Doorbell and hire the device as a personal bouncer. The lens gives a 1080p resolution, scanning your potential guests before they enter your house abode.

The device has an inbuilt memory (although, it is limited) for video storage. Every time, someone is at the door, you get a notification along with a clip with the view of the guest right on your phone. So, even when you are not around, you know who came by. 

Buy it on Amazon for $179. 

  • Nest Protect Fire Detector

Now that we’ve got you covered from potential threats outside the house, it is time that we focus on keeping the insides of your home secured. It is weird how two questions play like a siren in my mind right after I leave my place – Was my curler still plugged in when I left? Did I switch off the oven? We all are terrified about gas leaks and short circuits leading to fire, aren’t we?

But with Nest Protect, you can now go on your long trips without worrying about burning your abode down to ashes. The device shuts down your wiring circuits if it detects any electrical fault. You can also pair it with the sprinklers fire. Moreover, the device also sends a notification on your phone or other family members included in the plan.

Buy it on Amazon for $99. 

  • Philips Hue Lighting System

Okay! I have got to confess something – I get scared easy. So you might as well know about my everyday challenges having to go to the bathroom in the dead of night. If you are as fainthearted as me, then Philips Hue is what you need to gift yourself right now. You no longer have to walk through dark hallways. Pair the device with your phone and switch on lights before you enter the room.

Just set the parameters in the phone app, and you’re good to go. The device will know when to turn off the lights of the patio after the dawn breaks or exactly when to switch on the dream lights in your kid’s bedroom.

Buy it on Amazon for $69. 

  • Securifi Almond 3 Smart Router

Are you tired of your kids avoiding homework and spending too much time on the internet? All you need is Securifi’s Almond 3 to automate and control the internet usage. This way, you will be sure that your kids are doing their assignments and help procrastination and all kinds of diversions at bay.

For the extra layer of protection, the device also offers a security plan to stop third-party devices to consume data from your LAN. The device can scan all devices within the network for malware vulnerabilities. It also monitors outbound traffic and sends notifications when it detects any suspicious device activity or logins.

Buy it on Amazon for $149. 

  • Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring

The ultimate marshal in the home security front, you can use Samsung’s SmartThings Kit in various ways to keep your home secured under a lock. The kit comes with a multipurpose motion sensor, two sensors specially built for windows and doors, along with a bonus outlet that serves as a remote controller for all your home appliances. Since the kit is usually linked to the MCB of a house, you will be able to view the status of appliances through the app on your phone.

The very thought of someone breaching into our fortress and causing harm to our dear ones render both apoplectic and anxious. But with technology striving to create a haven for you, you can now bid a permanent farewell to your anxiety about your house burning down to ashes or someone attacking your kid. Keep an eye on your home, even when afar, by investing in the above gadgets.

So what are you waiting for? Buy peace of mind and enjoy your vacation without any lingering sense of foreboding by making your home “smart” and secure.

Author Bio: Nionica Starc is a high-school teacher having a master’s degree in English literature. She also offers help for Online essay assignment help through Students looking for expert academic assistance must contact her. She’s also a blogger-by-hobby and likes to keep her social media followers informed about the world of digital marketing.

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