Technology is something that never stops growing, improving and evolving. The world as we know it is filled with technological convenience which helps us to have more control over our lives and businesses. This holds true with Smart Home Technology.

Smart homes are the latest rising trend, and although it isn’t something new, it is starting to catch on like wildfire. Smart homes are those which have appliances and products which you can track, monitor and control. In order to control these products you need to have an internet connection which you can connect your smartphone or device to, as well as all of your smart appliances. This enables you to communicate commands to your appliances from your smartphone, even when you are not at home. Still, you should ensure these items fall under insurance (like that from for peace of mind.

Smart homes allow you to have control over things like lighting, security monitors and cameras, appliances, locks and thermostats. These smart home products are just the beginning of what smart homes will have to offer in the near future. People from have data that suggests that our future homes could look somewhat like the home on “The Jetsons” with digital cutting boards and molecular cooking devices. While the “digital everything age” is slightly ahead of us, we can enjoy smart products such as lighting, wireless speaker systems, thermostats and home security devices like smoke, water and carbon monoxide detectors, to name a few.

Smart Home Industry Trends

There are 3 main smart home industry trends that are making an impact on the housing market. Surprisingly, voice control is the most upward rising trend in the smart product industry. 72% of Americans who already have smart home devices, want voice control capabilities. 58% of millenials already have smart home devices with voice control, which isn’t surprising with products like the Amazon Echo Plus available to consumers.

The Echo Plus is a wireless speaker with a built in smart home hub which allows you to control your smart appliances and have improved sound for streaming. This amazing piece of smart home technology has seven microphones and beaming technology allowing the device to hear you from any direction. You can make even make calls and use it as an intercom system to other rooms with the device. This smart product is a small glimpse of what the future has in store for us when it comes to voice control in our smart homes. Home security is another industry making an impact on the housing market. Smart home security includes locks and alarms, as well as detectors such as water, smoke and carbon monoxide.

Remote monitoring and control is the final impacting industry. While this can be linked to home security systems, not all video monitoring is to keep intruders at bay. 3 out of 5 Americans buy smart home products that they can monitor via their smartphones so that they can see what is going on inside and outside of their homes at all times. Whether you are keeping an eye on your kids playing while you cook, or making sure that your nanny isn’t up to no good, home monitoring allows you to keep your family safe, even when you aren’t at home.

If you are not convinced that a smart home is the right fit for you, you can start off small with basic smart appliances like thermostats and lights that help you to save money and energy. In the near future smart home technology will simply be something that comes with the next home you buy. To make your home smarter and cleaner, consider getting Aicool Smart Trash Can.

How Smart Homes Take Over The World

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