When we ask entrepreneurs- How do you define your brand? Most of them get so confused that they answer it incorrectly. Do they have misassumptions with the idea of what is a brand? And the importance of branding? They think that their company is not so big, so they do not have to worry about the brand.

Well, that is precisely why I wrote this article. I saw so many small business owners get scared of the word branding and thinking it meant to spend millions of dollars to publish ads, which is a false theory. So, what exactly is a brand? Let’s see.

What is a brand?

In general, we can directly say- a brand is your reputation. It is a reputation and impression of what people think of when they hear your name or see your logo. And what do you want them to think of that is the most important thing.

This is because you cannot make anybody think something, but you can take steps to communicate in different vehicles. In this way, you should speak with them, having a clear, consistent message.

It is the message that you want to communicate. So, I like to say that your brand is the core and essence of the business. Informally, you can say it is a heartbeat to your business.

So, let us just jump right into our question. Should small businesses focus on branding?

Importance of Branding Your Business -11 Reasonable Points Why to Do So?

  1. Branding helps in setting the perception of your business.

In general, the word ‘branding’ is everybody’s perception of you as a business. In other words, it is the one way you want people to feel about your business. Here, feel is important because we all make our buying decisions emotionally. I mean, we rationalize the things we buy. And if you are a small business owner, you must know to focus on this.

54 percent of companies believe that brand consistency contributes to the growth of a business.

  1.  Branding gives you identity.


Your first impression is how you communicate to people when you are standing in front of someone and introducing yourself. Even the words that you speak, the poses that you have, the way you show up gratitude, all are judged in just the first meeting.

It is surveyed that 82% of customers created positive thoughts about the brand after reading customized content.

Similarly, while introducing your businesses in the market, you need to be careful because it is all about first impressions. If you are a small business owner, you should know people make a first impression judgment about business through LOGO.

Yes, you heard it right- Logo. These different kinds of elements, especially for a small business owner, help create a strong online presence. Creating an online presence is something you can do easily.

You can add a Logo designer or Graphic designer to your team. These people can make eye-catching visuals for your brand.  However, a Logo gives the identity to your brand. It is believed as a true representation of your business.

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  1. Unique Branding Separates You from Competitors

61% of customers prefer to buy from companies that deliver unique content.

In this crowded marketplace, competition is rising with the advancement in technology. Furthermore, in the Internet era, your competition is not limited to your own city; you must face global competition.

This might sound threatening, but do not consider it as an obstacle in your path of motivation. Instead of getting threatened by competitors, it is better to grasp the necessary things: How are they making profits? What best are they serving?

Accept it as inspiration and motivation. Recall all your creativity and put effort into branding your products uniquely. Focus on what makes you, and you will experience no difficulty.

Having a solid online presence, distinct thoughts, and an open presence via social media will let you recount your remarkable story and reach your potential crowd. So, if you are in search of a company that can help you in establishing a unique brand, then reach out PixelCrayons.

  1. Branding Helps In gaining profit

It is very well challenging to get your first customers and clients. To begin bringing in cash, at times, you simply need to take whatever you can get. Commonly, you may charge route not as much as what you merit just to increase some foothold in your business.

With a strong brand set up, you will seem to be an expert, and in this manner, you can charge like one! If you show that you produce great work or items, customers will be bound to esteem what you offer and address more significant expenses for it.

  1. Branding offers consistency

According to the Forbes report, proposing a brand consistently across any platforms has the tendency to increase revenue by up to 23%.

At the point when you are becoming more acquainted with an individual, you begin to create feelings, thoughts, and assumptions about them dependent on your associations.

Example- when the boss of a company comes to the office wearing a tailored suit one day. Whereas Bermuda shorts and a shoddy T-shirt the following next day. It might be difficult to make sure about precisely what their identity is and what they are about.

Similarly, this is with branding in place.  You can undoubtedly keep things reliable and settle on choices more immediately concerning your client experience. You won’t need to continually address yourself like, “What style is ideal for your brand? What tone would it be a good idea for me? By what method should this look?”.

The best example of this- Apple, Coca-Cola, Samsung, is consistent with the quality they serve to us.

  1. Branding Build Customer Loyalty.

In this era, people prefer Googling things when they are thinking of buying. They search for the products before making their actual purchase.

So, branding of your products helps you in bringing the customers towards your products. If you can do branding properly, then there is a greater chance that people will strongly favour your brand over others.

Always share high qualities with them. When you introduce what you respect through branding, clients will build up an enthusiastic association with you.

If you are eager to acquire the trust of your ideal audience, put all yours and team effort into branding.  Because this is the only way to build a strong brand name.

  1. Branding Makes Your Business Memorable

When you are a business owner, your clients are all your bosses. So, you end up having a lot of bosses in your life. And so, what they think and how you perform for them matters.

Yes, it matters 100%!!…

There are abundant forms of marketing tactics that companies use to impress their customers.  Some companies share their journey story; some offer rewards, gifts to make their audience consider their products and make it memorable.

“Your customers are an integral part of marketing. If you are trustworthy and deliver what your brand guarantees, your buyers will recollect you.”

  1. Branding helps to attract your ideal clients

As I said previously, people associate with brands that share unique and special qualities. If your brand speaks to your business, you will be bound to draw in the correct audiences. If you have a top of the line business and you need to draw in a more lucrative customer, your branding is a must.

  1. Branding offers confidence to stay ahead

Branding makes you feel stable and proud to represent your business in the marketplace. If people glimpse that you are confident in what you conduct, they will be more apt to trust you and your capability. Building a brand personality drives customer loyalty.

Anything can be avoided instead of the quality of service you serve. If you serve high-end quality, ultimately your confidence will boost up.

If you have got a high level of taste, the audience knows that your work will probably reflect that as well. Without even necessarily having to see your work first. And obviously, this applies, if somebody tries to know about your brand, it is a website that reflects a positive impression on the viewers.

  1. Branding gives you an easy chance to introduce yourself

If you have faithful clients and a solid brand, it will be simpler to present new items or services. As of now, your crowd will be keen on what you do, so they will be more disposed to acknowledge, partake in, or commend the new things you are advertising.

And if you are doing it right, your brand should give them an idea of who you are and what it is going to be like. This is good for you because then it helps you to be able to deliver exactly what they are expecting.

If you focus all on the look, how do you want something to look versus how you want them to feel, it might completely change the scenario.

  1. Branding holds your business in the long run.

For SMEs, entrepreneurs, it is so critical to watch where your cash is being spent. You need to choose what is generally essential for you and what bodes well for your business. Trust me. I get it! It may appear to be least demanding to go with the least expensive arrangement from the outset simply, yet without appropriate branding set up, you probably will not be too steady.

You might need to change your methodology, logo, informing, site, and everything else a few times before you are content with it. Over the long haul, you may wind up investing more energy and cash on changes instead of setting a decent establishment in any case. Continually changing things likewise will do nothing useful for your client’s reliability.

Over to You!

For SMEs, start-ups, branding sets a magnificent establishment as you push ahead with your business. It will establish the pace for all that you do. With a solid process set up, you can refer to it and ensure that your products and services follow your central goal and objectives.

These are a portion of the advantages and branding importance you can accomplish with your business’s appropriate resources. If you have any thought of starting your own company, you should focus on building a brand personality.

An excellent branding for small businesses separates the organization from the others. It enables your buyers to perceive and recall the brand, builds brand loyalty, thus substantially more.