In the world today, businesses rely heavily on websites to increase their presence and market their product to an increasingly tech-savvy market. The same way students rely on services where they can buy research papers for valuable tips in writing essays and other assignments prove similar to how everyone else relies on the internet to transact their business.

Websites can cause a significant amount of stress when you feel like it does not represent the true nature of your business or a lack of visibility when you lack one. So, what attributes should your website have to become more website prominent?

Attributes of a Prominent Website

  • You must make the website visual. Here, you can use icons, graphics, page breaks, and shapes to have a more visually exciting site. The pictures should have a proper alignment and of the correct size, besides not getting grainy.
  • You must use a short text exclusively. Most, if not all people have short spans of attention, and therefore, you must ensure you appeal to the website visitors by communicating briefly and succinctly through your website.
  • Clear CTA buttons. You must include CTA’s on each of your website’s pages that can clearly state their intention. It can entail the next phase you would want them to take, such as booking an appointment with you for a meeting or sometimes buying your product.
  • Freebies. Such lead magnets (freebie) can offer a crucial aspect of your marketing strategy, especially when trying to increase your email listing. You can place a downloadable one at the front center or the end of your post on your website’s page.
  • Simple navigation. You must ensure the organization and flow of your site not only make sense but also, become easy in following. Try to only incorporate crucial pages in your navigation bar.
  • Show transformation. It is vital to leverage reviews, testimonials, case studies, and after/before visuals in showing prospective clients a sneak peek into what doing business with you can mean.
  • Exhibit your personality. You must avoid getting formal on your website unless formality characterizes you. Bring a human and personal feel to your interactions with customers through your website. Incorporate your pictures and something little about your story.
  • Share the reasons for engaging in your business to illustrate why you care about the clientele base and the products or services you deal with.
  • Make a listing of your prices to make the sales process more credible and simpler. You cannot regret incorporating this in a much as most people shy away from doing it.
  • Concentrate on your model client. A business can only succeed when it focuses on proving solutions to problems for a particular type of client. Avoid becoming everything for everyone as this can reduce your impact to zero. Ensure your website targets your model client and resonates perfectly with their needs. So, understanding and identifying a model client becomes of paramount significance.


A website represents an extension of your business and ideal for marketing your products and services to prospective clients. As such, making it website prominent can go a long way in edging your competition and boosting your revenue streams when site visits convert into followers. Consider the guidelines provided and you will not regret it.

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