A lot of us invest in snazzy gaming PCs for us to enjoy the amazing speed and performance as we play all our favorite games! But of course, if you’re planning to shell out a lot for a PC, you’ll want something multifunctional and offering more features, such as the capacity for video editing. If you’re also working on video editing on the side, may it be your side job or for your gaming vlogs, you’ll want to make sure your PC accommodates the appropriate software with it.

But are gaming PCs really good for video editing, or will you need to rethink your investment? Read on to find out!

Are Gaming PCs Good for Video Editing?

Are your worried that your gaming PC won’t be able to handle the video editing you plan to do?

The short answer is that, fortunately, you can find a great gaming PC for video editing, which works for both video editing software and your favorite games in one. BUT, before you make the investment in just any gaming PC, you need to take your time in learning about video-editing requirements, as well as the things your gaming PCs can and can’t do in terms of editing videos.

You’ll need to take into account the specs of your selected gaming PC, whether pre-built or customized. When you find one with great specs, then you won’t need to worry about what you do with it, whether it’s video editing or something more than that. After all, one good reason why gaming PCs are great with video editing is because most high-quality ones are able to handle powerful graphics cards for intense games.

Besides its good processor, gaming PCs also have quality GPUs and can support various video editing software without it negatively affecting your system’s performance.

What to Look for in a Gaming PC

Now that you know gaming PCs are compatible with video editing software, the next thing you need to know is what to consider. While they are good for video editing, not all gaming PCs will perform the same, which is why you want the best for all your needs. There are key specifications to consider for both gaming and video editing on your dream PC, which are:

System Processing Power

The processing power is a crucial part of your system and the first thing to look for in a gaming PC. When looking for a system made for complex video editing, you’ll also have to consider your graphic cards and GPU. I recommend getting Intel’s high-end processors for better efficiency and performance.


The RAM is vital for performing heavy video editing tasks and playing high-quality games. You will want RAM that offers the most amount of storage capacity.

The bare minimum is 4GB RAM, though. Recommend 8GB RAM for video editing, which saves you from upgrading the system memory now and then. But if you’d like to run complex games and software, 16GB RAM is the best to prevent having to constantly update and modify your system, as well as suffer from lags.

Graphics Card

As mentioned, it’s important to have high-level GPU and graphics cards. For video editing, you need a powerful GPU for a smooth experience in both editing videos and playing games. This is especially important when using high-tier video software like Final Cut Pro, with the latest GPU giving the best computing experience.

Some of the most popular graphics cards professional video editors and gamers use are either from NVIDIA or AMS. The graphics cards are designed to perform well when using games, editing software, among other applications.

Internal and External Storage

Of course, you’ll need to render and export your final videos and files used to edit your videos, as well as save storage for your games. That’s why you have to take into account the space you need. While you can make do with the highest internal storage capacity, you’ll also want to invest in external hard drives to back up your data or keep extra files that won’t be able to fit in your gaming PC.

Invest in gaming PCs with a high-capacity SSD, which performs faster and is more advanced compared to HDDs. They also work excellently when handling games and large-sized media files. The best thing you can do is to use both HDD and SDD together to make the most of your gaming PC.

Wrapping It Up
If you plan to use a gaming PC for video editing as well, then you are in luck. Gaming PCs can open video editing software, provided that you select one with the right key specifications. With the right gaming PC, you can enjoy playing your games and using various software and applications for work, too.

Hopefully, this article answered your question, “are gaming PCs good for video editing?” Now that you know the answer, continue the search for the top gaming PC made for you!

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