Also, know how to verify your Twitter account, Instagram account and Facebook page or account

In the modern digital world any Ram, Shyam or Sunita can create an account. This account should exist only for them but sometimes, people make social media users believe that they are someone or something else. Verification badge or blue tick is a way to notify followers and potential followers that the Twitter account, Instagram account, Facebook account or other social media account is genuine.

It’s a way to gain the trust of your followers and establish credibility. No one wants to be used for views or subscriptions or become a victim of any scam. Verification will let people know the links and information on your account are safe and reputable.

How to verify the Instagram account?

You just need to simply fill out an application to request verification from Instagram.  They will internally review the account and come with a decision on whether you should get a blue verified badge or not.  You will get a notification in a few days if your account will be verified or not.

To do that, you need to go to settings under the Instagram app and then go to account and then request verification to request the blue badge.

How to verify a Twitter account?

You just need to simply update your profile with current information, verify the phone number and email address. Once you put basic information of profile, put your birthday and set your tweet as public. Visit the verification form on Twitter and fill it asking Twitter for consideration as a verified user.

If you are applying to verify a personal account and not a business profile, you will need a copy of your photo ID like an Aadhar Card or Voter ID. Twitter might ask you the link of your website or your social media profiles or pages too.

How to verify the Facebook account or page?

Go to the settings on Facebook website or app from the general menu, click Page verification selection. Click on Verify this page, then get started.

Facebook offers two modes of the verification process. The first one is instant and the second one is a more detailed one. For the Instant process, you just need to give Facebook permission of calling your phone number that is listed on your page. They will send an OTP. Enter the OTP and then you are done.

If you chose the more detailed option, you will need to click on Verify this Page with documents instead. Facebook will ask you to upload the official documents and photos that have the name of your business’s name and address.

Once Facebook receives your validation, they will review it. They will then confirm if your request has been denied or approved.

Now, that you know how to apply for the verification of your social media accounts including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, I think it’s time to you should get that blue tick and stand out in the crowd.

If you don’t get that desired blue tick in the first attempt, don’t worry you can try again.

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