In case you haven’t turned on a television or browsed the Internet recently, I will inform you now what all of those little @,#, and other weird symbols you may see belong to the realm of Twitter. You will find the jargon of the social media website not only within its own server’s confines. Twitter-speak appears in Facebook statuses, next to pundit names on CNN, and even at the end of a paragraph for shameless self-promotion (follow us on Twitter @techjaws).Twitter Hoopla

A service that once struggled to find a source of income and relied on corporate sponsorship is now becoming one of the largest ways to make money and promote on the Internet. Here are some of the ways that businesses, celebrities, and large organizations are using Twitter in order to make profits:

Paid Tweets

It is no secret that influential Twitter users can get information out to a massive amount of people in a short period of time. What started off as a messenger service for bicycle couriers has turned into a forum for us to get the latest celebrity gossip and trivialities. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Rainn Wilson have been caught using advertising agencies in order to secure product placement deals using their Tweets. Kardashian is reported to make over $10,000 every time she promotes a product.

Buzz Words/ Trending Topics

If you look to the Twitter sidebar, you will notice a list of topics that are trending throughout the Twitter-verse. You can adjust the location of these topics to the world, US, or any individual city with a dedicated Twitter user base. While you change the location of your trending topic feed, notice the very first entry is a promoted Tweet. This is an excellent way for brands to promote events in real time to a very captive and segmented audience.

Organic PR Outreach

NASA is one of the major organizations taking to Twitter in order to generate buzz about their most recent news and events. The space exploration agency has been holding Tweet-ups from their space stations for about a year now. Astronauts use mobile devices from space in order to answer questions from the terrestrial sphere. They probably get great 4G reception due to the satellites being located only several miles away.

Cross Promotional Outreach

While some government organizations and businesses use Twitter on their own to promote, other organizations have set deals in place with the social media site. The WWE’s flagship program, Monday Night Raw, has become loaded with more Tweets than chair shots to the head over the last year. The wrestling organization has come to a deal with Twitter to cross-promote each others’ brands. Twitter gains new followers every Monday, while WWE stay relevant.

Twitter FAIL!

Netflix recent debacle with their services, pricing, and customer retention also fell into the social media universe. When they renamed their DVD-to-Mail service Qwikster, they failed to check on the availability of a Twitter handle. It was quickly discovered that a teenager by the name of Jason Castillo, a marijuana smoking, foul mouthed student, owned the used that registered name. Netflix was deeper in their PR fiasco than they originally planned.

Twitter has made it easier to become caught up in a world that solely revolves around celebrities and self-interests. It is almost vital for any brand to be in on the Twitter action, not by necessity, but by peer pressure. Companies will continue to find interesting ways to use the social network and promote their products in unique and innovative ways.

Jonathan Jaxon is a social media guru writing for websites across the Internet. He also specializes in writing about free phones, Android apps, and other mobile device developments.