Vizio is a young company with only a decade’s presence in the field of technology. But its achievements belie its youth. Known for its home audio systems and high definition televisions, computers and stream players, the company also created the 8 inch tablet to establish presence in that very competitive market. The tablet came with a host of features, including built in IR blaster, universal remote and Vizio’ s own internet apps.vizio-7inch

But Vizio’ s interests lay in the world of LCD TVs and its fortunes saw a decline. This year has seen the company do something different. It’s all set to make its Windows Phone debut with a handset sometime soon but that’s not all.

Apart from creating its first ever Windows 8 device, Vizio is also creating two Android 4.2 tablets. That’s right. In a bid to re-enter the tablet market, Vizio is focusing on a smaller sized tablet. The tablets will harness the power of Nvidia’s Tegra 4 chip and will come in two sizes, 7” and 10”.

The ten inch tablet will run on Android 4.2 and Jelly Bean, and contain front and rear facing cameras and ports and give you connectivity in the form of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. It will also sport mini USB and micro HDMI. It will come with a 2,560 by 1,600 display resolution and have 32 GB storage. The first thing you’ll notice about the tablet is probably how very light it is. It looks and feels light and the rounded slate, soft touch back has a soft feel to it too.

The seven inch tablet is pretty similar to the Google Nexus 7- it comes with a Tegra 3 processor, Jelly Bean and 16 GB of storage. A bonus is the size of the 7 inch tablet which is a thin, sleek finish. It is set to be about the size of a Kindle. This should work to Vizio’s advantage seeing how its closest rival, the Nexus 7 is bulkier than the other, newer players in the market; the iPad Mini.

We’re excited about the Nvidia Tegra 4 quad-core ARM Cortex A15 processor. Its presence means a very powerful tablet that will deliver the goods. Plus a 2560 X 1600 display is not to scoff at. More than anything, a new player in the seven inch tablet market is exciting news indeed. This is a vast, still untapped, full-of-potential world that needs new players. More choices of tablets can only mean good news for the customers because they have more choice now.

The move to make smaller tablets come in the wake of Android’s independence from the need for third-party skins. We don’t know anything yet in terms of the price of the product, but we believe that Vizio will keep it lower than the Nexus 7 if it wants to gain a toehold in the market. You can expect to see the tablets sometime in the first half of the year. A tiny tablet is beautiful to look at and a comfort to hold and use. Plus something as sleek as the Vizio design promises to be should be fun indeed.

Author Bio: Jena Branch is a guest writer who writes about technology, internet and digital cable. You can check out for the best deals for cox internet if you visit the site.