Video chat has become much more popular, primarily due to its availability among not just home desktop PCs with broadband connections, but also mobile devices over wifi and wireless cell networks.  Video chat applications have also been much easier to configure and set up with new social network based applications.Video Chat Between iPhone, Android Phone with Windows Computer

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger was one of the first applications to offer video chat.  Messenger will work with both Windows and Mac PCs.  The application is also available on Android and iOS for iPhone and iPad.  As long as a user is signed in with a Yahoo Messenger ID and using a web cam, users will be able to see you online through the Messenger application on any device or PC with the Yahoo Messenger app installed.


Skype is also available as a Windows or Mac PC app, as well as on iOS and Android devices.  Skype has been around the longest of all popular video chat apps and, unlike Yahoo, has gained a certain amount of respectability among corporate users.  Businesses can use Skype to hold project team update meetings or present demos and presentations to clients.  Skype is especially useful in joint design sessions where a whiteboard is needed as there is a shared drawing app that can be utilized by all members of the video chat meeting.  As with Yahoo Messenger, users who are logged in with their Skype IDs can be visible to all other Skype users, regardless of device.


The new kid on the block who is making significant waves in the social video chat space is ooVoo.  ooVoo works with all of the both iOS and Android devices, but a big difference with ooVoo is that it works directly through Facebook on the PC without having to install any new software.  Additionally on all of the devices, you do not have to set up a new ID that is specific to ooVoo to use basic functionality, but you can instead use your Facebook login information.  Another unique feature of ooVoo is the ability conference in up to twelve individual users in a single video chat session at the same time.


Tango is an interesting service that straddles the line between social video chat tool and social networking environment.  Earlier this year the site got new funding to work on its technical offerings and has been moving a different direction than its competitors like Skype.  With options such as text messaging for users and photo sharing, they are branching out from a point in time conferencing tool to a fully fledged social network similar to Path.  One of the newest features for video chat that Tango users can take advantage of is the concept of video voice mail.  Users can leave messages for each other through a video recording and leave it in another user’s mailbox.  As of this fall, users should also be able to reply to those messages with their own recorded video responses.  Tango is now beginning to branch out from this pre-recorded message capability to allow users to record several videos and save them for others to watch.  This is much different than the simple tool for video chat provided by the likes of ooVoo, Messenger, and Skype as they now set themselves up to be a full marketing platform for businesses who want to utilize this kind of functionality.  This also means that Tango may be around for a longer time than some of its competitors because it has a clear ability to monetize its capabilities through storage and bandwidth usage.

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