Internet Security will always be a concern, and as more and more social networks emerge, identity theft is becoming more easier than ever. “Tweeting Thieves” may become the next generation’s new label for “hacker” – and the catch is you don’t need the expertise to recover data from hard drives in order to do it! This means far more people can easily rob you without even stealing information from your computer. They may still be taking it, but after all you’re giving it to them!Social Networking Dangers

While this generation has come to base popularity by the number of “friends” you have on Facebook or “followers” on Twitter, perhaps you should consider how well you really know these “friends.” Especially if you have hundreds of friends who also have hundreds of friends who can see your profile! Mobile numbers, addresses, birth dates, everything can easily be accessible to anyone if you display it. Even worse why take the time to  “phish” on Twitter, when someone has just tweeted that they will be heading on a cross-country road trip to Yellowstone for the next couple of weeks?

Now with smartphones and mobile social networking applications and sites such MocoSpace and Foursquare, people are tending to share more “status updates” than ever. Innovative technology allowing us to be constantly connected can be beneficial, however, with everything it takes a level of common sense from the user in order to be successful.

So next time before asking yourself how to install antivirus software, you may want to think about your mobile device and question do my “friends” and “connections” really need to know where I am and what I’m doing at that exact moment.