Each year we honor our mother’s for all the good they’ve done for us and the love that comes with it. Unfortunately, low life crooks use this day to peddle their scams to steal money from people. Scammers will re-purpose content and graphics (logos) from legitimate web sites that offer flowers, gifts, etc. and try to fool users into thinking it’s a legitimate web site.Scammers Out in Force for Mother’s Day

Scammers use holiday’s to target victims by sending email spam to promote their scams to get users to submit credit card and other personal information to be used for illegal activities and identity theft. If you receive an email about making purchases online for Mother’s Day, be very wary!

If you’re interested in ordering flowers or any other gift online to send to mom, you should only use sites you’re familiar with. I have included links to trusted sites for ordering Mother’s Day Gifts online below.

Many of these email scams can be detected if you have the (Free) Web of Trust add-on for Firefox or Internet Explorer. The links inside the email will have a red circle indicating that the links go to a site that has a poor reputation. If you don’t have the Web of Trust add-on, I highly recommend it!

Give the gift of flowers for your mom, but don’t give it to the low life crooks!

Trusted sites for ordering Mother’s Day Gifts Online

1-800 Flowers
Pro Flowers

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there!