What if Facebook were to turn off or abbreviate certain features of its popular social network, would you be willing to pay for full access? Let’s say that 10% of the 700 million users were willing to pay a reoccurring monthly fee of $2.99 to enable all features in full. This would equate to almost 240 million dollars per month in revenue for Facebook. It is not farfetched for Facebook to impose such a fee to use their network. They created an addiction and it is evident by the average time users spend on Facebook every day.What if Facebook Starts Charging Fees?

Would you be willing to pay? I know free is best and many people probably wouldn’t like it if they can only see a certain amount of wall posts, upload so many photos or even play with some of the most popular games like Farmville. But can you live without the full feature set you have become accustom to since joining Facebook?

You may be wondering why I am even writing about such nonsense, but in reality, like every company, Facebook has expenses. Paid advertising on its social network is not going to make the company richer nor will it help the company grow. They need to come up with other revenue streams in order to invest money in new technologies to improve social engagement and time spent on its site.

Google has branched out into other technologies, though, some didn’t stick. If Google didn’t have the multiple revenue streams they would not be able to make the investments to improve the company’s position in search and other technologies (Chrome, Android).

Facebook has the whole world in its hands, but they need to capitalize on its popularity now, before someone (Google) moves in on its market share.

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