You are not sure whether it’s your mistake or a job of the viruses, but you are unable to find your files in your hard drive! You may be worried that where are the files or is it your hard drive that is malfunctioning! Data loss is something that is faced by most users and in such case the only solution available to them is hard drive recovery.

Yes, you read it right. You can recover the lost data in different ways. Actually there are different scenarios that leads to data loss and in each case the recovery will be done in different way. However, whatever is the reason for data loss, you should power down the computer once you detect data loss. This way you can prevent any further damage to the hard drive. Also do not partition the drive or re-format it once you know that you are experiencing any error. Hard drive recovery even with the best software becomes a bit difficult once you re-format it!

Ways for hard drive recovery

There are two ways in which hard drive crash can be categorized. They are logical and physical.

Logical hard drive failures are due to corrupted file structures, for files deleted or any other logical error that occurs in the operating system. Hard drive failures are considered physical when the internal components of the hard drive do not function properly. Logical errors are more often found compared to physical ones.

Now. Let’s understand what is logical data loss and physical data loss

Logical data loss and how to recover

As mentioned logical data loss often occurs due to human errors and almost every computer has at least once gone through this issue. Different issues that reveals that there may be logical data loss are

  • Unbootable system
  • Lost or misplaced files
  • Incomplete or error-ridden files or folder
  • Unmountable Hard Drive

All these can occur either due to improper shut down of the system or corruption of files by the malware and viruses. There are other reasons too and once you face this problem you need to recover the data.

The best way to recover data from the hard drive is by using a data recovery software. Look for a data recovery software that can deal with data loss from different complicated situations like data loss from malware, data deletion, raw error, system crash or others.

The data recovery software performs by detecting the pathway where the data is still there. Actually when any data is deleted it is not totally erased from the hard drive. Only the indexing stops showing it so that new paths for fresh new data can be created. A data recovery software works on the system and helps in indexing the files so that you can get the exact data that you have lost.

Physical data loss and ways to recover

When any drive fails because of any hardware problem the issue is known as physical data loss. It can happen for various reasons including wear and tear, heat and power outages, effect of dust and fault in the internal components. Issues that reveals a physical data loss are

  • Read/write head failure
  • Bad or degraded blocks
  • Spindle failure
  • Shorted external enclosure adapter

In case of physical data loss you have to shut down the computer the moment you find the problem. Rest must be handled by an expert who knows about dealing with hard drive so that the problem can be cured.

In case you face data loss be calm and take steps so that you can recover the lost data. Now it is possible to do that provided you have taken the right steps.