There are so many social network sites, why not bring back a true love? The gaming fan site once known as and founded by yours truly, has now put on a new face called The intent is to bring back the dedicated fans that truly made DFW a household name, that welcomed many people into a space that promoted friendships and fun. just recently launched and it’s going to be about meeting up with old friends and catching up on the last 8 years. We will have many new fans that started to play after the peak years of the Novalogic Delta Force series, and we welcome all to collaborate and have fun as well as foster new ideas.

Are you looking for more than just adding friends to your social network? Come on over and join the fun that once was, and one that will continue. We will delight, amaze and have more fun than we had back in 2000.

I know many of the old school players will eventually find home and we welcome all of you to this new beginning, and hope all of you who have old contacts will invite our old friends.

We have interest in bringing some old sponsors back and offering up some great things. It takes more than one person to make the difference, so if you know some Delta Force players or those who enjoyed what DFWorld once was, we hope you will promote and invite your friends.

I look forward to talking, and possibly meeting many of you.

We will provide many memories from the old days by providing screen shots, Truth Be Told articles, and so much more…

Your friend,

AKA: Franny, Francis, Catch 22