How could a company the size of JCPenny not know about Blackhat SEO Marketing practices? I manage my companies SEO and I know if I see a trend or an influx (spike) in organic traffic, I need to know why and what is causing this trend.JCPenny Blackhat SEO

How can JCPenny have an incoming link from for black dresses? How is this site relevant to black dresses? It looks more like Blackhat SEO and not black dresses.

My close friend came up with two scenarios which make a lot of sense.

1 – They are making that statement because they truly did not know what they were getting into when they outsourced their SEO – they end up kind of deserving the bad press that they are getting for not keeping their SEO in-house (and cheat-free) in the first place.

2 – They knew EXACTLY what they were getting into, which, in turn, is exactly why they outsourced it – it’s very easy to say they’ve fired their SEO company now and this way nobody in-house is held responsible since nobody in-house “had any idea” (at least officially).

In my opinion and if I was a betting man, which I am, I would say scenario #2 sounds like the right one. It’s common for big box companies to outsource some of their marketing spend and I think they’ve selected a company that practices Blackhat SEO. The company they outsourced to probably bought and traded links to on other non-related websites to trick Google into thinking that people were naturally linking to This is why ranked in the number one position for so many search queries.

The other concern I have is how did Google miss this one or did they know all along that JCPenny was showing up in so many different search queries?

Time will tell…