Email marketing is one of the elite channels of business communication. With vast populations and emails sent in a day (Approximately over 144 billion emails sent each day), email marketing continues to be one of the best platforms to use in your marketing strategies as an entrepreneur. Below are five well-researched tips to effective email marketing to gain traffic.

Personalize Your Email Without Using the Recipient’s Name

The most crucial aspect of email marketing is a relationship, it raises lots of questions like, does they know you? does the recipient even trust you? does the recipient know where you are? Intimacy is earned faster and more convenient in real life and can also apply the same way to emails. It’s good to be true to the subscribers than a faking familiarity, which keeps you away from the trouble and fake reputation. Also sending personalized emails to a customer that is specific to the receipts, it shows a great care and it is recommended but do so in a meaningful way to bring on more traffic to subscribe.

 Subject Lines

It’s far more quality to decide how to craft the best subject line, which appears to be catchy in one area and to avoid errors, usually a short subject line will work but don’t write anything beyond 65-70 characters. Research says, a subject line with 60-70 characters has turned out to be the most beneficial and advantageous to engage readers.

Send Your Email In Prime Time

One of the best email strategies is to send it at night, the prime time. At night from 9 pm to 5 am, it’s the best because it stands a better chance to be noticed easily and it’s the time when few people do send the emails. It’s advisable to start sending the emails between 8.00 pm and midnight before everyone else takes the rhythm. Try this and get more subscribers from your next newsletter. Apart from Emailing there are also some smart traffic generating platforms like, where you can get traffic and leads at an affordable price.

Give Out Free Content Away

Give the subscribers something away. The best content is always the best free content. Once in a while impress your email readers by giving out template and tools. It will help your readers appreciate and will always be asking “What’s in it for me?”

Send Email On The Weekends

In addition to sending emails at night, also sending emails in weekends can gain you great benefit because the amount of emails sent on weekends is low so the chances of getting clicked is high. Margins of clicks through sales and open rates are not significant as such, but most importantly in email marketing, every bit counts.

As with entrepreneurs everything it’s all about trying things out and for the results. In Email Marketing best thing to do is to derive strategies on how to get traffic and provide perfect service to you esteemed customers.

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