Branding is a word even a child knows now in this age of extreme marketing. That’s because digital marketing and local marketing, print media-based marketing, and offline marketing, all gets blended and made into a rich mixture to ensure, that whatever business the mix is fed is bound to get attention from the mass. The branding services know what to do after what, and always come up with plans to give your business an entity and recognition before your target customers in an area. If you target it globally, then the plans are made that way, and if you plan it area specifically, then the plans are made that way.

But what do you do when you have to plan and create a brand in a place that’s going through a down economy. Will your branding agency work the same way in that case too? This is a very crucial thing to think about and decide as you plan for branding and research to get associated with a good and dependable branding agency.

Branding on and off the web

Who said that a branding service you find online is supposed to do all the branding through web-based services only! Is branding all about the web? What about that customer who rarely uses the internet and has a holistic lifestyle which doesn’t need the constant drip feed from social media and the web? There are people, and there are areas, and there come situations, when people get compelled to live off the grid or choose a simpler way to live. If you are targeting customers, who would stay with you always, then you cannot forget this segment.

Branding gets stronger when the web-based resources like social media, and question and answer sites and many such things are used. But that’s not all. There is another whole dimension to branding if you look into it outside social media and web. Branding is done on print media, in the local newspapers, and through banners and posters, through social services, and by reaching out to the common man in several ways. Therefore if you believe that your chosen branding partner would be helping you only on web-based branding, then you need a shift in thought. Choose a branding company who would rather help you in all round branding which starts with the web definitely and acquires strength, but continues to the offline ways through the implementation of smart and humane ideas as is needed in the real world.

The economy of a country and an area changes with time

The economy of any place changes with time. The political scenario, impact of natural disasters, terrorism, famines, epidemics, social aggression, violence in the root level in homes, crashed stocked market, increasing crime rates, and many such things are part of the real world and are experienced in different parts of the world at times. The economically strong nations would fight off with the situations fast, to get back to the healthy rhythm of life. But it’s not the same everywhere. Some places go through such crises and economic downtimes through longer periods and take time to recover. Still, businesses flourish and thrive in those places. Small businesses start and gradually grow big to become entities. Brands do get developed in such scenarios too. How does this happen?

When the common man in a place won’t have mind and money to spare on premium perfumes, then how can the perfume maker or seller reach the mass and establish a brand there? The answer is not that difficult though it looks tricky.

Branding to suit the changing socio-economic structure

If you have to get close to the mass, and hit the eyes, ears, and minds of people in a weak socio-political economy, with your business or organization entity, then your approach to branding must change. Branding is all about registering a name, an entity, and a belief in the minds of people. Whether your product is used by one or not is not important. But the belief that you are reliable, dependable, and a name, is the main thing which should dominate the thought process over time due to your prominent presence, activity, success, storytelling, and involvement in public matters woos and worries with empathy.

People forget glitz and glamour when they are struggling to align their lives towards the stability of mind, finance, and health. Therefore if you have to register yourself as the brand to them, you must be empathetic. You need not be a social activist, but you must stand beside people in situations when they notice you. That’s the best way to create your image gradually before the common man and target customers. And your branding agency must be helping you reach the common man in every possible way while keeping in mind your budget for branding too, which is an important parameter in deciding the actions.

Business and humanity

The business would be respected only after humanity gets respect. If you are seen only when there is a trade fair and corporate gathering, then you surely would get recognition. But when you would be seen standing for and supporting humanity, besides the common man, in whatever simple or elaborate way you choose, then you would earn respect. This surely is a better way to ascend the ladder of becoming a brand. Your branding service must help you understand this, and combine all such efforts along with their web-based branding methods to give you a total all round branding solution, which works in any down economy and struggling socio-political condition.


The important thing to remember is that economies change, and political scenarios change. What’s weak now would grow strong one day. But the respect and recognition you earn during tough times of common man are what stays with you to build you into a name and brand in the future. With reviving conditions, people won’t forget you and would learn to believe in you. That’s when you get registered as a brand in the minds of the common men.