Apple has changed its stance that Macs require antivirus software. Yesterday, the computer maker received a lot of negative press after an article was discovered on the company’s site encouraging Mac users to install antivirus software. Less than 24 hours later, Apple has quietly removed this recommendation from its Knowledgebase.

Is Apple projecting a false sense of security just to save face? Many experts repeatedly warn that all operating systems are susceptible to viruses, and as the Mac becomes more popular OS X will inevitably become a bigger target for malicious attacks.

Apple has repeatedly claimed that Macs, while not completely immune to viruses and spyware, are far safer than Windows computers.

Of course Macs are safer, they only own a little over 8% of the market share. Hackers would rather target the masses (Windows users) than to go after a smaller audience, but that will change over time as Macs start picking up more fans.

Surf safe all!