I know many new iPad 2 owners just love the new innovative Smart Cover for iPad. The Smart Cover protects the iPad 2 display very effectively and it looks really cool. The Smart Cover doesn’t add any bulk like some may expect.

The Smart Cover comes in one flexible sheet that measures (9.5-by-7.3-inch) and is only a mere 0.1 inches think. There are two types of construction – polyurethane or aniline-dyed Italian leather and both have a soft microfiber lining that lay’s against the iPad’s display.

iPad 2 Smart CoverIt gets even cooler! When you place the cover over the display the iPad automatically goes to sleep and when you lift the cover it wakes up the tablet. This feature can be turned off by going into the iPad setting menu, but I think it’s too cool to shut this feature off.

The Apple iPad Smart Cover is absolutely innovative and almost flawless in every way. Apple claims that the microfiber lining erases all finger prints magically. I would have to see this in order to believe such a claim. In the event it doesn’t have magical powers, you can get a cleaner for the display from your local Best Buy store. You can use LCD cleaner on the iPad display with causing harm.

I am very impressed with Apple’s iPad and being an avid PC guy, it’s hard not to make the switch to Apple products.

Today the iPad goes on sale and I am sure the lines are long, but well worth the wait. Did you get your new iPad 2 today?