Listening to music on the go keeps you entertained and makes the journey more enjoyable especially when you are traveling alone. Just by following the tips below, you can maximize your iPods batter life significantly.How to Extend iPod's Battery Life

Note: Keep you iPod away from very warm places and direct sun light as these will degrade the performance of any iPod’s battery life.

Steps to increase iPod Battery life

Make sure your software is up to date

Keeping your iPod software up to date can minimize unnecessary resources and can help improve battery life. Apple’s engineers are always dedicated in providing users with more optimized software for better performance of iPod’s and better batter life.

Reduce time for Backlight Timer

By reducing the backlight timer to 5 to 10 seconds, you can add up to 40% to the battery life cycle. To do this: Go to Settings > Backlight Timer

Reduce brightness

Reduce the brightness to the lowest level that you are comfortable with. This will extend the battery life significantly. To do this: Go to Settings > Brightness

Use ‘Hold’

Another way to increase the iPod’s battery life is to switch iPod to ‘Hold’ when not in use.

Note: By compressing your song files to smaller sizes will allow for shorter recharging intervals.


As you already have the touch screen or click wheel enabled on your iPod, you no longer need the audible feedback to confirm the action. You can turn off the speaker to avoid power consumption.

Charge your iPod regularly

This is the most promising step and it works perfectly to increase the life of your iPod’s battery. If the battery is almost depleted (dead), don’t forget to charge it completely before using your iPod. A good charging cycle will make your battery life good last longer.

What actions to avoid when in use

  • Fast Forwarding
  • Equalizer
  • Use of Any third-party applications
  • Push notifications and push Emails
  • Wi-Fi

All the above mentioned steps are very basic and will help you to increase your iPods Battery life to Maximum potential.

Please share any tips to optimize iPod’s battery life.

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