Android tablet technology is getting better

Latest android news will amaze you; because Google is taking more control of Android tablets and plans to provide Android users with more user friendly devices. Android tablets have gained huge popularity in the market because of latest Android tablet technology improvisation with in the past few years.

Android Asus Zen Pad 3S 10 has been favored by a lot of Android fans because of the user friendly approach and latest Android technology it comes equipped with. You may find various android tablets in market varying in price range. Some cheap tablets are also available, Amazon’s Fire HD 8, or Samsung GalaxyS3 Tab. However, the ZenPad offers the best display, quality, and features for the price. You may find cheap tablets by searching online. If you’re looking to buy in your budget, all what you need is a click away. Buying and sellng has totally been revolutionized, cheaper tablets, mobile phones can easily be ordered at one’s door step.

Amazing functions of Android operating software

Android 1.1 came in February 2009. The reason behind creating Android tablets was to create a user-friendly software that users can easily use and enjoy amazing applications. This version of Android supported different versions of MMS, Marquee in layouts and API changes.

In April 2009, Android 1.5 was launched which supported Bluetooth A2DP and allowed uploading videos to YouTube and pictures to Picasa. After the launch of Android various other versions came into existence and the smartphone technology was completely turned into the best gadget one would love to use.

Android 2.0 supported Bluetooth 2.1 and Microsoft exchange server. Android is a powerful operating software which supports various applications in the smartphone and allows the users to get connected with the world via amazing applications like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you’re a music lover you could easily browse to YouTube or daily motion apps and play the best video for yourself.

Android operating system enables reuse and replacement of various components, besides this it is based on the open source Web kit engine. Android tablet is powered by custom 3D graphics for an amazing display. If you’re a game lover you’d love to use the latest Android version for a dazzling experience. You can have the access to all the amazing games in your Android tablet and get connected to the world, shop online, take amazing pictures through the latest Android technology.

Google is continuously trying to create latest version of Android for providing a mind-blowing experience to tech-savvy people. Android devices also provide the extra memory slot for storing different kind of applications and have an amazing experience. Android supports connecting technologies including, Wi-Fi, LTE, Bluetooth, EV-DO, Wimax and CDMA. In general, Android tablets are equipped with web browser, multi-touch feature, screen capture, messaging and voice-based features.

Before choosing the best Android tablet for yourself, always make sure you know your need and purpose. On the off chance that you’re looking to buy a tablet with all the latest features like 3D touch, amazing display, always browse via online websites to choose the best cheap tablet for yourself. Many online Websites provide the latest Android tablet technology gadgets at one’s doorstep.