With the change in Google’s algorithm for WordPress website ranking, the elements have changed as well. Today, WordPress website developers wish to get that prized top spot for their websites in the search engine results (SERPS) that is only possible with updated content and some essential SEO tips.

Today search engines aim to cater with the most useful search results to the users. Keeping this point in mind, it becomes imperative that you have familiarity with the elements that play a vital role in the search engine ranking of WordPress websites.

The search engine optimization is a vast world that has varied sections as well as sub-sections. The topic is quite difficult to understand at one go; however, we have tried to put the information in such a way that it could equally serve to a novice as well as an experienced professional having years of experience in WordPress website development.

In this blog post, we are going to provide essential information on how to improve the WordPress website ranking?

Here Is How:

A. Develop Mobile-Friendly Websites

Stats show that nearly 60% of the SEO traffic comes from smartphones. Because of this reason, it is important that you develop websites in order to let your site scale easily over diverse platforms no matter whatever the sizes of the devices are.

Google loves WordPress and thus, it is again easy to get on the top with a dynamic WordPress website that is responsive as such a website easily scales over a range of platforms. Moreover, mobile-friendly WordPress website development provides exceptional user experience that is an important aspect for the top SEO ranking.

For The Same Use:

  • Responsive WordPress Themes/ Plugins
  • The Right CMS


B. Create Scannable Permalink Structure

Keeping the permalinks as short as possible is a key to get higher ranking over the search engines. For example- the widely used content management system; WordPress, provides its users with 6 options wherein 5 are already built-in and the remaining 1 is custom.

In case, you wish to include the best permalink, it is suggested to choose %postname%. On the other hand, if there is a concern for the web page speed, it is ideal considering /archives/%postname%/. However, the selection most commonly depends on the kind of web hosting you are using.

C. Keep Updating The Post Frequently

In its SERP, Google ranks the websites higher that feature frequently published posts as their write-ups. For example- if you feature 2-3 blogs in a week and don’t upload anything at all in the next week, your website is likely to drop down in the search engines index page.

Updating your WordPress website is the most important to be in the eyes of search engines. They love accepting the sites that are frequently updated with relevant content that is focusing on the users’ problems in the right way.

D. Install Useful WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress offers a set of right plugins to be included in the websites for easy search engine indexing. Among a set of other plugins, it is advised to include WordPress Yoast SEO plugin. This is the best way to make your website search engine friendly. The plugin will help in optimizing the web content for the visitors as well as for search bots.

The Plugin Feature Includes:

  • Options for individual setting of pages, posts, category, tags, & more.
  • Helps in easy verification with Bing and Google webmaster.


E. Make Precise Updated And Relevant Content

The content of your website is the most important aspect that brings in the attention of visitors. Therefore, it is not only important but also mandatory to develop precise (content that is not lengthy) as well as relevant content that you update frequently.

The algorithms by search engines will keep on changing in terms of website ranking; however, the importance of precisely developed relevant content is going to offer benefits forever. Remember, you need to be regular in updating the content of your website.

F. Build Keyword Specific Page Headline

With the headline of your web page, it is always good to be as precise as possible. Including keywords in this section would help search engine to crawl over the page and show it in the result feed. Keeping your headline or the title under 55-65 characters would help search engine index the page well.

For example – try to blend headlines like “ SEO best practices- The beginners’ guide” instead of “ A beginners’ guide to SEO practices that brings in traffic”

Wrapping It UP

SEO is a more of a blend of factors that keep on changing with users’ preferences rather than being an exact science. However, the factors compiled in the write-up will keep contributing their support to the websites for higher web ranking of responsive WordPress websites. Hence, keep the factors in your mind prior to getting WordPress website development services.

Author-bio: Williams Heilmann currently works with PSDtoWordPressExpert & has years of experience in responsive WordPress website development. He writes niche article to share essential information with the readers.