How to improve keyword ranking with Google will take some knowledge and a commitment in order to rank in the top of Googles SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Many web sites within your niche are in the same race to the top, you just have to be quicker, smarter and understand your data. To begin this journey and to be successful, you have to first understand two important things;

  1. Do you know what keywords you are ranking for?
  2. Do you understand how to improve your ranking?

Two important questions that need to be answered so that you can understand how to improve your ranking with your best keywords.

What keywords are you ranking for?

One of the best tools to find what keywords your web site is ranking for is the HOTH Google search engine ranking tool. Just enter your domain and click start. The Google search ranking tool will show you the following information;

  • Keyword – the keywords your ranking for
  • Rank – current rank and last months rank
  • Volume – self explanatory
  • Traffic Percentage – how much traffic a keyword is generating
  • # of Results – search queries a keyword is  creating
  • Search Trend – how a keyword performing

Find your top 25 keywords and start building links to your top 25 keywords so you can improve your ranking and authority.

Here’s an idea that I do that will help you build back-links quicker;

  • Utilize guest posters to link back to your articles from other sites they are contributing articles to. It’s very important that the back-link is a link that is a site/page that talks about the same subject and is in the same niche as yours.

Here’s a list of other good keyword ranking tools;

  • SERP – enter a single keyword or filter for a specific domain
  • SEMrush – search by domain, keyword or URL
  • Google Keyword Planner – research keywords and trends
  • ahrefs – a great suite of tools for competitive analysis, keyword and back-link research, rank tracking and more
  • SEOCentro – offers a large selection of research tools to help you with your SEO

Do you understand how to improve your ranking?

Google gives authority to content that provides the best answer from a user query. In a nut shell you want to match user queries with the best possible answer. How does Google know if you are providing he best answer? Good question, and an easy one to answer. It goes by two key factors,  How much detail you provided and how long the user stays on your page tells Google that they’re reading through your article.

Longer articles tend to rank better because it’s more likely you covered all the details (answers) the user was looking for. According to the HOTH, 2000+ word articles seem to be the secret sauce in improving authority. I am not sure 2000+ words is the secret sauce as I have seen articles with less than 500 words that rank in the first page on Google in the technology niche. Don’t get too stuck on how many words, but I would make sure you have covered all the details by providing the best content to your users.

It’s very important to check often how your keywords are ranking and most importantly how they are trending.

It takes time to build keyword authority, but the results will come if you stay committed and a student throughout the process. It’s never ending so stay with it!