In this competitive world, growing your business is not that easy. Without a proper marketing strategy, you cannot extend the business. Business cannot rise until the right information is received by the customers. As people have started doing business globally, applying the right social media marketing strategies is essential. So a company must put stress on these listed strategies to boost up the business:

Make your business social friendly: If you want to stand in the competitive market then the first and most important job is to make the business online because nowadays most of the people like to know about the new product through internet. Today’s generation is more interested in online purchase rather than visiting the store.

Use Mobile friendly website: Nowadays, every person hasits own mobile phone and like to purchase or gain information through the internet. Even a study has also concluded in 2012 that more than 61% of people leave a website if the website of a company is not mobile friendly. So a company must fulfill thefollowing needs of a customer:

Checkout process must be simple

A Website must load faster

Enable Live Chat option: Making a direct link with your customer is the best way to boost up your business. Offering live chat to the customers helps them to ask the queries directly to the employees of a particular company thus also increase the interest of the customers. Live chat is the most effective way to build relations with customers.

Replace slow-selling items: Items which remains on the shelf for a long time leads to having losses in the future so it is important to remove those products or give discounts on those products so that they can be sold out quickly. It will also help to increase the number of customers.

Do not hide customer reviews: In the present scenario, social media has become the most effective way to know about the real world. Whether a person is going to buy anything or going to a restaurant the first step he follows is to check the customer’s reviews on the internet. So a company must flaunt the customer reviews on its website as it also develops the trust of the customers.

Free shipping: In a recent survey it is concluded that most of the customers leave the website while shopping when a company charges separate shipping cost on the order as they think it will increase the price of the product. So the increase the sale of the business the company must offer free shipping on the products to the customers.

Special Training: Those companies whose do business through social media require people who have special knowledge of handling computers and social media thus it leads to creating more and more job opportunities and these companies also gives special social media certification training which further increases their qualification.

Engage yourself in Paid promotions: The most convenient of handling get visibility of your business is to get paid promotions from job opportunities media. There is a number of different social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc which register the brand name of the business and show popup and ads for their business which leads to the promotion of business.

Well- designed website: If you want to reach every customer then you should create your own website through professional web designer and it should be registered on different social media and website must be easy to access and should also provide detailed information and should also give answers to the comments of the customer.

Generate content: If you want your business more exposure then you need to create creative content to provide information to your audience which they are looking for. The content can be created in any form like blogs, videos, hashtags, interviews, creative images and these depend upon on genre you want.

E-mail marketing:  E-mail marketing is also one of the best ways to reach audience. If your business is online then you must also have personal data about the customers so to increase the popularity of your business you must send e-mails regarding special offers, discounts, and services to the customers.

Transparency: Providing transparency about your business to your customers will help them to feel safer. For example, if your business is dealing online then you must give a clear and full description of every product including price with and if you are charging delivery cost then it should be also mentioned on your website.

After sale service: Whether you are running an online store or not after sale service is the most important factor. If your customer has any query or dissatisfaction relating to a product it is the foremost duty of the company to change the product with a new product and answer all the question of the customers. This will help to develop the trust of the customer on your company.

Customized Option: Every person has its own choice so if you want to satisfy your customer then you should offer customization of products to your customer so that they can design and select their product as they want.


In the end, it can be said that the companies who run their business must adopt the above strategies. Apart from this these, companies should also contribute to the growth of the country by creating more and more job opportunities and if you want to take proper training about e-commerce then you must apply for a job to these company. Giving good certification training will further enhance your knowledge as well as qualification.