Creating high-quality content is essential for earning good ranks in search results that every online marketer knows. Building a healthy backlink profile and using targeted keywords are some other techniques for improving the SEO prospects. However, these tried and tested techniques seem not enough to win over consumers. The audience behavior has changed a lot especially with the widespread use of mobile devices. People are spending more time on the internet and consuming most of the content in the form of videos.  But, the audience is not willing to devote a long time to consuming content and wants smart and crisp presentation, as the attention span seems to have reduced drastically.

Marketers have thus been compelled to devise new methods of meeting the expectation of the audience and have turned to video content that accompanies textual content. Since the last few years, Houston video marketing has gathered steam and is proliferating. People have always been attracted to videos, and literally, it is now turning into a craze with 78 percent viewers devoting time for it every week on the internet. How video marketing can help to realize the SEO goals will become clear on reading this article.

Varied content is valuable to Google

When you are using videos in the content, you are adding more variety to it and making it more attractive and efficient for viewers. Creating high-quality video content and then merging it with textual content adds more value to the content besides increasing its attraction and appeal to viewers as well as search engines. Google just not only consider how relevant the content is concerning the search query but also strives to present the most valuable content that enhances user experience. Google also takes into consideration the type of media used for creating content and attaches more importance to it. By mixing images and videos with text, you are enhancing the value of the content that Google takes note when presenting the search results. Thus, you are likely to earn higher ranks with video content that strengthens the SEO campaign.

Videos create new avenues for traffic generation

Creating video content does not mean using only embedded videos in the content. In addition to embedded videos, you can create individual video content for hosting on the social media platform or third party sites like Vimeo and YouTube. It gives you the opportunity of adding new channels to your marketing campaign that drives more traffic to the website. Your outreach increases, as the new audience comes to know about your business. It is an excellent opportunity to gain broader exposure as people consume one billion hours of video on YouTube daily.

By inserting the website URL in the video descriptions and channel name, you can drive quality traffic to your website. By using third party sites for hosting videos, you are avoiding the possibilities of slowing down your website that can happen when uploading videos. However, selection of the video host is a business call that marketers have to take.

Videos create social proof for brands

The social media must be the platform of choice for video marketing because it also helps the SEO cause by gaining broad exposure for the brand. Therefore, including the social media in the distribution strategy of video content should be your priority. Since the social media encourages sharing of content, it sends positive signals to search engines about the quality of content thereby facilitating the process of earning higher ranks in SERPs(Search engine Ranking Page). Social media also enhances the engagement rate phenomenally because for Facebook alone videos earn 135 percent more engagement over photos and images. As exposure increases, the brand attracts more clicks that enhance conversion.

Videos increase the conversion rate

Video content helps to add more value to SEO because there is enough proof that videos can push up conversion rates. Buyers who watch marketing videos are two times more likely to end up in purchasing products or services than those who do not watch such videos. Taking into account that viewing product video is a practice among 50 percent buyers before they visit a store, brick and mortar businesses can also use video marketing to drive more customers to the stores.

Videos help in link building

No matter which platform you use for distributing videos for marketing, embed the URLs in video descriptions and channel information so that interested viewers can link back to you.  Since the linking happens beyond the website, you widen the net for earning backlinks by using marketing videos strategically on varied platforms like the social media, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. It all depends on the quality of video how much others would be interested in sharing links.

Just try to keep videos restricted within 90 seconds, which is the maximum time span that the audience is willing to devote to it.