Want to know how your competitors are getting things done? Here are ways on how to track your competitor when you are running ad campaigns.

Yes, we already have enough applications, websites and content that will help us track our own growth through Google’s algorithm.

But sometimes you will feel that just tracking your own growth gives you a very linear and one-dimensional picture. For example: you might be highly satisfied with your growth but somehow your competitors are getting better capital growth.

Sometimes it is not just about simple spying but learning the things that your competitors are doing that could change your perspective and approach. At the same time, you can see the things that they are offering to the same customer base which you can do as well.

Give What Your Competitors Are Not Giving 

Before we start this article, I would like to mention that there is nothing ethically wrong when you do this. Especially when one of the rules of digital marketing being, searching for the competitors to be prepared for the market.

Here are some of the ways you can track the feedback on your competitor’s website while doing your own research.

Fair disclaimer, although this is important using just the competitor’s algorithm might not be helpful. So, always keep tracking yours using of Hootsuite campaign


Similarweb can give you a complete evaluation device for your competitor’s websites. With Similarweb, you could visually see the share of internet site visitors these sources are getting.

The outcomes of Similarweb evaluation of competition specially encompass internet site visitors ranking, internet site visitors overview, site visitors supply area, site visitors acquisition method, predominant content, internet site audience, competition, etc.


Alexa is a device centered on studying competition’s algorithms. Alexa ranks web sites and might genuinely see the difference in viewership among the competition and our own website.

By tracking the website, Alexa reveals how competitors are doing wonders in phrases of keywords, traffic, backlinks, and more. Then the benchmark your website needs to perceive the gaps withinside the strategy, and then decide the strengths and weaknesses you could take a gain of.

Alexa can screen the distance among competition and their personal web sites, and offers optimized suggestions, particularly for SEO, with much less recommendation on marketing and marketing tracking.

Through this method you will understand and learn the algorithm in detail. This is why it is one of the best methods you can use to track things that might be missing in your website. It gives you clear cut numbers which is way more helpful than feedback.

Social Peta

Social Peta is one of the social advertising advert analytics artificial intelligence device that video display units advert creatives, advert performance, and much more.

The social media channels currently supported via SocialPeta are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc and plenty of different platforms.

SocialPeta makes use of huge statistics analytics third party conversion tracking

and discovers the maximum captivating marketing and marketing thoughts, and they allow us to assess marketing and marketing statistics and creatives.

Learn the approximate famous creatives through country, advert categories and platforms. And through these innovative thoughts of various enterprise types, get the innovative layout inspiration, and create brilliant innovative materials.

Big Spy 

BigSpy is an advert creative and copies undercover agent tool. Bigspy’s video display units and tracks advertisements from many social channels. You also can use seek filters to peer the precise advert kinds of your competition and the overall performance of your advertisements.

The social structures supported with the aid of using BigSpy supports: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Through its search filtering function, pick out the most innovative commercial from diverse angles along with marketing time, marketing format, marketing and creative, enterprise, crowd, and activity, etc. Additionally enter the logo call of the competitor, the enterprise keyword, etc. These are ways to discover the advert you’re looking for.

Find Niche 

FindNiche is a niche finder through drop shifting devices for AliExpress and Shopify, which incorporates certain records for estimation of one million products, 11,000 niches, and 700,000 Shopify stores.

It integrates Shopify and AliExpress, and you may take a look at your Shopify competition’s Facebook web page and advertisements as nicely as well.

Additionally, you may take a look at one product that is promoting nicely on AliExpress in addition to being famous on Facebook after which take a look at what number of Shopify the competition is promoting this one, permitting to recognize if there might be a danger so that it will make a splash.

To Conclude 

The above six equipment can screen and analyze your competition’s website marketing activities, such as SocialPeta and BigSpy especially screen social platform’s advertising marketing campaigns; And FindNiche especially used to discover niches in addition to FB commercials of those niches, meanwhile, you may have a secret agent Shopify competition; Alexa especially conducts behavior for all visitors to competition monitoring.

As said before, you can always find effective tools in order to comprehend your competitor’s behavior and make yourself better than them. At the end of the day, it is your job to serve the customers the best product and it always adds to the credibility if you are doing a better job than the market nearby.

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