The only thing everyone will notice in the hand of anyone is the mobile phone. People prefer the mobile phone than any other gadget. If you have to choose between a laptop and a mobile phone, they will choose a mobile phone. If you have an option between the tablet and the mobile phone, your choice would again be a mobile phone. This is the force of technology that the mobile phone has become the first priority of people.  They could do anything to save their gadget. As we are now surrounded by social networks. Now, one day, we can see that in many memes, people are saving their mobile phone instead of their lives. This is just a small example, just to show that, in the heart of the people, there is a soft corner for devices, for technology, for its expensive mobile phones. The price is a huge factor to make these devices, either a mobile phone, the ether is a laptop or if it is a tablet, due to this high price, the biliary telephone has become lovely more than anything.


Brands from a mobile phone is ruling the world, they are testing all possible ways, to make your brand more visible, so that your brand is more vibrant, so that anyone who is interested in buying a new mobile phone see first brand.  There are different types of people. Some are excessively interested in buying a new mobile phone model, to buy the latest production of the brand. Some are loyal that always prefer your most important and favorite brand. Some only want a mobile phone from any brand. Some simply see the result of the camera of a mobile phone; some would simply be native to the ability to take the internal memory.  However, what is common among all these types or categories is that they are mobile users. Everyone wanted a mobile phone that can satisfy their needs and desires.

Android or iOS

When it comes to mobile phones, we have two main stages, which is an Android or an iPhone. The history of an Android user is still like this, due to having as many Android brands that surround us; an Android user always prefers a new brand, when it comes to buying a new mobile phone. However, Apple has a different story, Apple made his posture in 2004 and from this day, he began to hit those people who wanted a long-lasting mobile phone and due to Apple's iPhone, his clients became loyal. Why loyal?  Due to satisfaction, they are receiving from iPhone. Own operation system, which has total applications control, virus-free mobile phones, unit that is accessible to Apple users, all internal and internal things about the iPhone made your customer loyalist. There are also those people who like the outside beauty of any mobile phone than internal. The quality of the camera, the iPhone DA is incomparable, the different sizes that attract different types of people. Small mobile phone for those who are in favor of the small mobile phone.  Large and giant mobile phone for those, who are in favor of having a giant mobile phone.

In 2013, Apple presented us with a new edition of his family that is iPhone 5S. The size of the screen of this mobile phone is 4.87 x 2.31 x 0.30 and the weight, your mobile phone takes around 112 g. Nano SIM, front glass with aluminum body, touch screen with 16 m colors, people were becoming crazy about this production. The relationship of this mobile phone is 16: 9 together with the resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels with a glass protection of corn glow and oleophobic coating. If we see the operating system of the iPhone 5S, then it is IOS 7, which is updated to iOS 11.4.1. The 1.3 GHz double-core cyclone CPU with a Power VR G6430 GPU (four-core graphics).  The options in the internal memory affected a different type of category, those who wanted to buy an iPhone, but they could not afford it, they can have 16 GB. For middle ranges, the iPhone 5S gives 32 GB and for those who long for a good amount of GB can have 64 GB, which was a good range of GB in 2013. The camera, which again is the best feature in Apple any new production. . On the iPhone 5S, the rear camera includes an 8 MP with double LED flash, Dual Tone and HDR. The Selfie camera has 1.2 MP with the FaceTime features on Wi-Fi or cell phone, face detection and HDR. The printing sensor of the fingers and all other additional features on this mobile has a spark that attracted many clients.

Mobile Recycling Web sites

There are different websites such as selling any mobile that can give me an understanding of the prices of different mobile phones. If I want to sell my mobile for the best price, sell my mega Samsung, sell my note 8 or I want to sell my broken mobile I can visit this website easily.


IF I have a damaged iPhone and I am not in favor of the sale that Apple Store is giving me the opportunity to repair my mobile phone from your store. If we see the iPhone service prices on the Apple website, the iPhone 5S screen repair price is € 161.30 and for other damages is € 311.30. It is for those who like to collect mobile phones, which are not in favor of selling it at no cost. Simply, if I want to sell my mobile phone, then I can visit different websites to investigate the best price.

For sale, any iPhone 5S 16 GB mobile is around £ 70.00 and the iPhone 5S 64 GB is around £ 75.00.  If we see the renovated price of the iPhone 5S, it first depends on the condition, if the condition is good, then the iPhone 5S 16GB Gold is around £ 97.99. If it were that kind of person who likes the old iPhone, I will definitely repair it.

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