Do you like shortcuts? Then you must love the Quick Launch Toolbar. The QLT allows a user to access programs they use most often. The QLT is located just right of your start button in the bottom left. What I like most about the Quick Launch Toolbar, is that you don’t have to minimize all your windows in order to launch your favorite programs from your desktop or programs folder.

How to activate the quick launch toolbar in Windows 7

XP Taskbar


Windows 7 Taskbar

The Quick Launch Toolbar in Windows 7 is not as easy to locate like in XP and Vista. Fortunately though, you can get it back in a few quick steps.

How to Activate Quick Launch Toolbar for Windows 7

  1. Right click the taskbar.
  2. You should probably also unlock the taskbar at this point.
  3. Go to Toolbar -> New Toolbar and type “%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch” into the folder box, then click Select Folder.

How to make the Quick Launch Toolbar look like it did in Windows Vista

  1. Right click the taskbar.
  2. Uncheck “Lock the Taskbar”, then right click the divider and uncheck “Show Title” and “Show Text”.
  3. Right click the taskbar and check “Show Small Icons”.

You’re now more productive using the Quick Launch Toolbar in Windows7 by accessing your favorite programs with one click.