Google PageRank Update AugustThere’s a lot of buzz going around in some of the SEO forums that there was a Google PageRank Update. There was an update, but it was not a PageRank update. The update that you are seeing is a backlink update. Google hasn’t issued a major update for its toolbar since April 3. I would hate to cry wolf here, but I am seeing many changes that would indicate that the update may come soon and I mean before the end of August.

The next Pagerank update will be the first since the launch of Caffeine and the newest update since April 3. I have learned recently that some SEO enthusiasts are indicating they are seeing changes in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) the last few weeks. I just hope it’s in their favor. We will have to wait patiently for this next update and hopefully for many web owners, it will be to their liking.

Always remember, that content is most important, as it tends to have an excellent effect of both increasing your one-way in-bound links (people will more than likely link to sites they find interesting, informative, or helpful), thereby improving your PageRank.

I am now off to chat with my SEO community to see what other goodies I can find about Google.

If you’re seeing any changes to Pagerank, please comment here.

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