How to import Eudora to Thunderbird can be categorized as one of the major questions nowadays. It is because Eudora has now become an old technology to execute cross-interaction and exchange of information. Now, the introduction of Mozilla Thunderbird makes the task of sharing documents, images, information, etc. simple and quick with its advanced functionality. Instead of directly jumping on the solution, let us find out some advantages of using Mozilla Thunderbird email application.

Advantages of Mozilla Thunderbird Email Application

There are some advantages of using Thunderbird, which results in migration of Eudora mailbox to Thunderbird:

  • RSS Management: It has integrated RSS support. While using Thunderbird, you can browse the list of the message for each message and then erase the post you do not wish to read or already read. It allows new message to appear automatically the next it check for fresh or new messages.
  • Unread Folders: In case, you have multiple emails, RSS folders, etc. and you do not wish to browse the complete folder list to look for the folder, which has unread messages, then you include it as unread folders. It makes it easier to focus only the important folder.
  • Quick Search: Thunderbird allows you to search the emails according to the data, Sender, Recipients, Subject, and Body. With the help this option, it becomes very easy to find the desired emails or message when needed.
  • Offline Access: It allows you to access the data in offline mode as well. All the emails that are received previously can be read even when you have no internet connection.
  • Export Feature: There is an in built export or import features for exporting or importing MBOX files in an easy manner. Apart from this, there are many advantages of using this Mozilla Thunderbird, which is making it popular among users.

How to Import Messages from Eudora to Thunderbird?

Now, there are two methods to convert Eudora mailbox to Thunderbird:

Method 1: Manual Solution

Mozilla Thunderbird gives an inbuilt import tool for Eudora in its older versions. This program can be accessed only within the same machine, which must have Eudora as well as Thunderbird. Follow these steps to perform it manually:

Note: It is always recommended to take the backup of Eudora and Mozilla Thunderbird mailbox before proceeding towards the Eudora to Thunderbird migration process. Moreover, ensure that it is appropriate in the primary drive for storing Eudora, Thunderbird, and the resultant mailbox.

  • Begin the process by uninstalling any later editions of Mozilla Thunderbird application.
  • After this, download and install any old edition of Thunderbird in the machine
  • Now, launch it and follow the below mentioned instructions:
  • In the starting, an Import wizard will be displayed
  • From the three options, choose Mail and a different wizard is require to be run for importing Eudora address books as well as settings
  • Now, the process of import will begin. You need to click on Finish to complete it
  • In the final step, as soon as the process of export gets complete, the entire emails will come under Eudora Settings. Any new mail to Mozilla Thunderbird will be displayed under Local Folders.

Drawbacks: This manual procedure of Eudora to Thunderbird migration is not so easy to perform and sometimes cause confusion in user’s mind. Moreover, following each step correctly is very important, therefore, it is suggested to go for a third party tool.

Method 2: Trouble Free Approach

Among other available tools in the online market, one of the globally accepted utility is SysTools Thunderbird Import Wizard. This product has been designed to import MBOX files into Thunderbird. It can migrate the files in bulk and keeps the entire data safe. MBOX associated with any of the email clients can be moved to Thunderbird along with some filter options such as date filter, etc. In addition, it can be accessed in any of the versions of Windows Operating System. Download the tool and know how to import Eudora mailboxes to Thunderbird step by step.

Final Words

Considering the challenges, users have to face to Import Eudora into Thunderbird; we have come up with a manual method for the accomplishment of this task. However, in case manual procedure does not work or users get difficulty in this, they can move to a third party utility. It results in the easy and quick process of importing.