Windows 8 storm can easily be found among technology and innovation lovers. The new operating system is being analyzed in multi dimensions by marketing experts and analysts. The common perception reveals that it has all the capabilities beat the rivals. It was quite frightening for Microsoft when Apple was launching their competitive operating systems. By gaining the expertise advantage in the field of operating systems, Microsoft empowered their responsive strategy by launching exclusive Windows 8. The main competitive advantage which is observed in Windows 8 is Mobile compatibility. Following is the outline of top features noticed in Windows 8.Windows 8 Features

1. Boot and Loading Time

The new and exclusive window is so fast and speedy. The loading and boot time is very minimal. The better speed than its predecessor i.e., Windows 7 is reported because of better resource allocation. The speed boosting feature is added by Windows 8 by the support of hibernating technique. They said the technique is about PC’s resource planning. It employs an effective resource system into the windows partition.

2. Supportive Desktop Environment

The Desktop environment is so much dynamic and full of innovations. The user interface which is observed in Windows 8 is title based. It is named as metro user interface and sometimes written as Metro UI. It facilitates users to browse over apps and titles easily. The grid view has the facility to organize the customized grid according to the desktop items choice. It is a generic attempt towards touch oriented operating system.

3. Searching was never this much easier

It has been revealed in the first look of Windows 8 that it will not have a start menu tab in it. It might have a sign of fright for Window lovers. It also referred to a hurdle in searching and handling function. The opinion of difficult searching was proved completely opposite after experiencing it. The search tab on the desktop is the easiest way to search whatever you need in just an eye blink. You may also use the same function for app store with the same convenience.

4. Copy to Windows

This feature is known as windows to go. It allows users to make a copy of windows (including all the current settings) in a USB drive. If your PC has stopped working and all your programs were saved in it then you do not need to get worried about it. You only need to plug the USB drive (in which you had copied the windows earlier) in the Windows 8 installed PC. You will get the exact environment as you were used to use in your own PC. Isn’t it incredible?

5. Live Streaming

Another feature similar to window to go is live syncing with Windows 8. If you have a windows live ID and an internet connection, you may get your customized setting on any PC, anywhere. The windows to go feature does not require an internet connection whereas live syncing feature requires windows live ID as well as an internet connection. This option is better, until hackers stay away from it.

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