Based on feedback from users, corporate giant Dell has launched the ambitious Latitude 10 tablet. This gadget runs on the all new Windows 8 OS. Take a closer look at the features of Dell’s Latitude 10 Tablet.Dell's Latitude 10 Tablet


One look at this tablet will give you a feeling as if it is just a simple rectangular block. This device sports a simple professional look. Magnesium alloy has been used to make its inner frame. The glass screen is made up of toughened Gorilla screen protection. The four corners are neatly rounded and curvy, giving this tablet a sleek look. This tablet also has a soft touch finish making it comfortable to hold and carry around. It appears to be even thinner than the finger and it weighs about 34.6 oz (698g).


The colors look deep and rich on the tablet. The screen resolution of this tablet is the same as that of a majority of its rivals; 1,366x768p resolution. Viewing this tablet from any angle is simply superb. The 10-inch screen of this tablet looks bright and is comfortable to work on under any lighting condition.


On the left hand side of the device you will find a USB 2.0 port, a miniHDMI and a headphone jack. There is a slot for you to plug in an external device. You can use it to connect a keyboard, mouse or printer. This slot can also be used to plug in your memory stick or adapter.

On the right side of this device you can find a slot that resembles a Kensington slot. Also sitting next to it is the volume rocker. On the top you will find an SDXC card slot. This slot has the capacity to read cards up to 128GB.

A microUSB port is at the base of this tablet. This port can be used to charge this device. The 40-pin charging and data port and the quick charge adapter can be synced with the optional dock. Also available is the Bluetooth keyboard folio. Kensington takes credit for designing it.

Stylus and features

TPM, Dell’s official proprietary encryption system, fingerprint scanner and smartcard reader among other features are optional with this tablet. You can expect the camera to deliver superior quality images and videos. There is an 8-megapixel camera that sits at the back of this device. The camera in the front allows you take 2-megapixel images. Videos come in HD quality. There is a built-in dual-array microphone enabling you to record in advanced sound quality while recording videos. A Stylus that is used in the navigation of non-metro apps minus a mouse comes optional with this device.


This tablet comes with a removable battery. You can carry an extra battery and load your device with it once its battery runs out. The battery is assumed to have a long life. On a single charge it is believed to last for about 16 hours.

Final verdict

This device comes packed with all the features that you will wish to have on your tablet. This truly is an amazing business tablet worth the price you pay.

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