EMC storage is popular for providing high-capacity storage clusters with great input/output performance. Depending on your data needs, you can use these systems to store block or file data, or both. Since the systems are highly scalable, you can get a fully customized cloud computing environment for your business, which also means you only pay for what you need.

Do you want to know more about EMC systems?

Here are 5 interesting things you should know about EMC storage:

1. EMC disk drives are expandable

The EMC storage array contains the actual disk drives needed for data storage. These drives vary in shape and size to allow for customization. The storage arrays can also be expanded if more disc space is required.

So, if you have an EMC system and your free space runs out you just request for a disk space expansion that suits your storage needs.

2. Why EMC is more scalable than other platforms

As discussions about benefits of flexible platforms, unified storage and greater scalability continue to rock many platforms, one would wonder why EMC systems are said to be more scalable than other cloud storage products.

Consider the EMC VNX series, for instance. It merges functions of the EMC Celerra and EMC CLARiiON to make a simple, highly flexible and easy to use platform. Thus, EMC VNX is able to provide storage capabilities for block storage (EMC CLARiiON) as well as for file storage (EMC Celerra). This makes EMC systems more scalable than most data storage platforms.

3. About used EMC storage

Many users consider used/refurbished EMC storage systems as a good option especially when their budget limits the purchase of a new system. Used EMC systems use old EMC arrays that have been given a second life. Before release, these used systems are thoroughly tested and passed as being “as good as new”.

Of course, these systems are offered at a discount so you can get a storage system that works just as a new one but at a more affordable price. Spectra Technologies sells Used EMC VNX series storage systems that have been rigorously tested to ensure they are reliable and up to the standards.

4. EMC systems are easy to handle – you don’t need expert store management skills

EMC storage platforms are designed to provide efficient performance, consume less power, and leave a smaller footprint. In addition to this, they feature an easy-to-manage interface that anyone can use regardless of their skill level pertaining store management.

These systems are suitable for any business that needs to store data more securely and efficiently like other proficient and successful enterprises.

5. Customized cost

Your configuration needs, the data type, and the amount of space you need dictate the cost of your EMC system. Once you have deliberated on these three factors, you will be able to choose the right tools for your data storage and usage needs.
Understanding the complexity of your data and business needs is very important so that you don’t pay for functionalities you don’t need at the moment.

Now you know how EMC storage can help to store your data in a more efficient way that facilitates more growth and profitability. Make sure you make the right business decisions when considering using an EMC system. There are many benefits of leveraging enterprise data. Having a dependable data storage system is the first step toward these benefits.