What’s a Drive-by? It is when a download of spyware, viruses or malware are installed on a person’s computer without a person’s knowledge. In less than a week, a couple of my friends said that their kid’s computers have been infected with a virus after they clicked on links within MySpace pages. I discovered that the links lead to malicious web sites serving up rogue antivirus programs.MySpace Rogueware

The latest rogue antivirus that was discovered on one of the kid’s computers was the nasty “System Tool 2011.” System Tool or SystemTool is a rogue anti-spyware program that’s distributed via a Trojan and/or web pop-ups. The program is installed without the user’s knowledge. Once installed, the user will be alerted with false threats on the computer. In order to remove these false threats, the user will have to pay for a full license of the software.

Parents should educate their kids about online safety and why they shouldn’t click on links to web sites they’re not familiar with, regardless if the link was shared by a friend.

If you are infected by the Security Tool or System Tool, I have included 6 steps on how to remove this Rogue Security Program.

The biggest problem is the use of shortened URL services in which scammers mask the real web address by using a shortened URL. These scammers are in the business of peddling rogue software in order to make money from their victims. To reveal a shortened URL (Web Address), visit TheRealURL.

It’s important that you keep your security programs up to date. I highly recommend downloading the WOT (Web of Trust) add-on for IE and/or Firefox. The WOT add-on warns you about risky sites before you click.

Keep in mind that Drive-by infections are also very popular on Facebook and Twitter.

Be careful!

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