Mobile devices (such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops) are the key players in the world of business today. While heading towards a mobile future, it is no surprise to say that the traditional PCs are on the verge of extinction. Microsoft takes a leap forward into this space with its pivotal release ‘Windows 8’. Though Windows 8 can run on desktops, it is more like a tablet-first operating system. You will no longer see your traditional Start menu on a Windows 8 desktop. Microsoft has completely transformed its user interface (UI) and the new look is influenced by the world of tablets. There are plenty of reasons why people would like to go for this upgrade. Let’s have a closer look at the benefits of Windows 8 over its predecessor:Windows 8

Faster Startup

Starting a Windows 8 computer is a snap. It can beat its predecessor ‘Windows 7’ and even the latest OS X ‘Mountain Lion’ when tested on the grounds of performance. This is undoubtedly a radical change that makes Windows 8 score full marks over all its counterparts.

Get Access to a Range of New Apps

What makes Windows 8 a preferred choice of most of us is its new range of touch-friendly and Web-connected Apps. It is easy to explore, purchase, download, and install these apps on your computer via the new Windows Store. Once you have purchased an app, you can install it on multiple devices running Windows 8. Windows 8 Apps do away with all the registry complications that plagued you in the previous Windows versions.

SkyDrive Integration

With Windows 8, Microsoft’s cloud service is not limited to just online storage. You can practically exploit this to back up your PC’s settings (helps when you need to provision new computers) or save any app’s data to the cloud. Even third-party tools can save their settings and information to this online space. With SkyDrive storage, you can also sync your PC settings (such as browser favorites, Explorer settings, mouse settings) on different mobile devices by just signing in to your SkyDrive account.

Enhanced Security

Security has been the cornerstone of Windows 8 release. According to Microsoft, Windows 8 features a secure boot, which means it will prevent you from loading an OS that doesn’t carry the sign of its publisher. Another point of security is the secure Apps in Windows Store. All of them have been pre-examined for security concerns. Thirdly, Internet Explorer 10 (the default web browser of Windows 8) has the ability to do away with a major percentage of malicious downloads on your computer. It does not require a commercial antivirus program for blocking these downloads.

First-class Touch Input

Windows 8 lets you experiment with the touch-screen input as you desire. Running Windows 8 on your tablet is a breeze as you can simply swipe with your thumbs to do possible everything that you want to. You can use the Windows key to get to the start screen from where you can launch a desktop app and get various options for searching, sharing, accessing devices, and more.

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